Death with dignity a very compassionate idea

Monday, February 05, 2018

I am writing to alert citizens who support the “death with dignity” bill being considered at the state level that a deadline of Feb. 7 is fast approaching.

I urge supporters of this option, which gives people the right to end their suffering when faced with a prolonged and painful death process, to weigh in with legislators promptly. This is an excellent bill, based on acts already on the books in the states of California, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont and the District of Columbia.

The Massachusetts bill has strong safeguards to ensure that no one could be coerced into ending his or her life. The act will give a person faced with terminal illness, that will involve a painful end of life situation, an option to help the person feel a level of control over the circumstances and timing of his or her death. It is very compassionate and comforting to offer this option.

Please contact the co-chairs of the joint Public Health Committee within the next few days and ask them to pass H1194. They are Senator Jason Lewis, who can be reached at: jason.lewis@masenate.gov or 617-722-1206; and Representative Kate Hogan at: kate.hogan@mahouse.gov or 617-772-2130.

Donna Liebl

Shelburne Falls