Connecting the Dots: Are there any responsible western Massachusetts conservatives?

John Bos

John Bos


Published: 03-01-2024 5:01 PM

What is a responsible conservative? Depending upon your interpretation of “responsible,” might that include maintaining a democratic form of government? I certainly hope so.

Because the MAGA crowds are supporting the elimination of democracy, whether they know it or not. I would love to hear from western Massachusetts conservatives what they think.

It is impossible for me to rationally discuss any so-called conservative policy decision if the person I am speaking with wants to replace our democratic process with some kind of authoritarian government.

What got Trump elected in 2016 was, in part I think, to stick a thumb in the establishment’s eye. Same if you would have voted for Bernie. Most establishments need to be prodded at one time or another.

One of the things that confounds me is that there is evidently no awareness — none — on the part of a majority of MAGA believers as to how they now benefit from American programs, policies and social programs that would be eliminated if the U.S. goes authoritarian.

Nor do those believers appear to disapprove of the financial largesse to the super rich the former authoritarian president achieved while he was in office. They want to reelect him.

On my list of what confounds me is why any MAGA believer is not speaking up about the monstrous assault on American women. While there appears to be some Republican concern about a woman’s loss of control over her own health care (and life), why is there no one with influence speaking up? It looks like they have been silenced by authoritarian voices.

Wait until those voices regain the White House. Is that what our western Massachusetts conservatives would be OK with? Is there anyone who would be willing to explain their reasons for wanting to reelect the former authoritarian president?

How far will Republicans go to bring America to her knees on behalf of Putin & Trump?

How is it that Putin has seized control of the Republican Party? To me there appears to be little doubt the Russian president has succeeded in achieving near-total control over the Republican Party. It’s more than confounding to me.

The so-called party is gutting aid to Ukraine (and has been for over a year), working to kneecap our economy, whipping up hatred among Americans against each other, promoting civil war, and openly embracing replacing American democracy with authoritarian autocracy. The tumultuous crowd fervor whipped up at a Trump rally is, in fact, exactly akin to the rapturous excitement stirred in the rallies and rise of authoritarianism preceding World War II.

Why does the media avoid headlining these kinds of events?

Meanwhile, the Republican Party believes it will help them in the 2024 election if they can ruin the U.S. economy while convincing American voters that our system of government is so corrupt (“deep state”) that we should consider replacing democracy with an autocratic strongman form of government like Putin’s Russia. Tucker Carlson is even suggesting that Russia is a better place to live than the U.S.

This political “party” revels in pitting racial, religious, and gender groups against each other while embracing a form of fascism that pretends to be grounded in Christianity, all while welcoming Putin’s social media trolls who are promoting these divisions.

Trump got us here by openly playing to the fears and prejudices of white people who are freaked out by the rapid post-1964 “browning” of America. Putin jumped in to help amplify the message a thousandfold with his social media trolls, who are posting thousands of times a day as you read these words.

House speaker Mike Johnson has openly promoted the hateful and antisemitic “Great Replacement Theory” that says wealthy Jews are funding the entrance of millions of Hispanics into our country so they can illegally vote for Democrats. The Great Replacement Theory, a warmed-over reboot of Hitler’s theories about Jews and Gypsies, now has a huge following in the Republican Party and among Trump supporters.

To keep and regain control of Congress, even though Democrats might have actually won enough seats to take back the House in the 2024 election, I predict the Trumpublicans will use the same 2020 playbook they are still working to reverse those victories in the courts: the decertification of enough Democratic winners to allow Trump’s minions to take the election.

Are there any responsible conservatives in western Massachusetts who are secure in believing this will not happen? Please let the rest of us know.

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