Evlyn Ashong-Katai: Back tax fund for elderly, disabled

Published: 05-09-2024 5:04 PM

My name is Evlyn Ashong-Katai and I moved to Greenfield in June 2023 when I bought my first-ever property, my home, at the age of 26. As a Greenfield resident, I am reaching out because of the proposed elderly/disabled tax fund.

When reading about this suggested program, I began thinking about the people I know who are living on limited incomes and could really benefit from such a program. I also was thinking about all the businesses in our community that are doing quite well, and I hope will be able to generously donate to such a fund that helps improve the overall health of our community.

We have some large national businesses that have profited from locating themselves in our city. This is an opportunity for them to give in a direct way to the people of our city who struggle each time they have to pay their property taxes. It would be wonderful to see our local businesses — merchants, banks, utility companies, health care companies, human services agencies, religious groups, fraternal organizations — all helping to support this community effort.

This is a group effort that says so much about who we are as neighbors, and what we value.

Evlyn Ashong-Katai