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My Turn: National debt — A threat to our nation’s future
04-22-2024 5:07 PM


This is an update on a column I wrote last year about a threat to our future well-being: the national debt. To summarize, unless the debt crisis is brought under control soon the future will be much more difficult for you, your children, grandchildren...

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Ferd Wulkan: Green schools are possible
04-22-2024 5:05 PM

Massachusetts has 1,840 schools with 186 million square feet of building area responsible for an estimated 880,000 metric tons of carbon emissions annually. Decarbonizing schools could go a long way toward meeting the state’s ambitious targets for the...

Erika Heilig: Trump’s mug is not news
04-22-2024 5:05 PM

Every week, I count the number of Trump photos in the paper, and to be fair, I've started to count the number of Biden photos. Last week was 5 for 6 on Trump (and 0 for 6 on Biden). Thursday was the only day without his mug. I can’t, for the life of...

Eleanor Wade: Mental health and voting age
04-22-2024 5:05 PM

As a Frontier Regional student, I think that mental health is one of the most important things that we can keep an eye on in our communities. Studies show that stressful politics take a toll on mental health, with symptoms anywhere from extremely...

Jessica Corwin: Lower voting age to strengthen democracy
04-22-2024 5:05 PM

It has always struck me as problematic that most young adults get their first opportunity to vote several months after they have finished their free and appropriate public education. Many have left home by then, leaving them to figure out voting on...

Nan Clark: Cinner for Chesterfield Select Board
04-22-2024 5:02 PM

I am writing in support of Dee Cinner for the Chesterfield Select Board. In my 94 years here I’ve seen various select boards, some better than others. Often there has been room for improvement, new ideas, a new voice. Now again is that time. Cinner’s...

Marianne Preger: Ode to harmony
04-22-2024 5:02 PM

From the river to the seaThere could be peace and harmonyTwo small countries hand in handCould make a rich and happy landFrom the river to the seaThat’s the way it ought to beBut local leaders must be soughtWhose goals cannot be boughtFor whom the...

Becca King: Tax fund for elderly, disabled a good idea
04-22-2024 9:43 AM

As an elder on a modest and fixed income who falls through many benefits cracks, I appreciate the efforts of Greenfield City Councilors Minhas and Mastrototaro in seeking new ways to support our elders and individuals with disabilities with a property...

My Turn: The truth about time spent on MCAS testing
04-21-2024 10:31 AM


 Many people have an image of students taking the MCAS exams: They receive a booklet, fill in bubbles for an hour or so and then go about their day. Those of us who have worked in schools know the real truth. The actual amount of time spent on testing...

Phillip Tedesco: Golf course in good hands with new owners
04-21-2024 10:28 AM

In response to the article “New owners look to build on golf course’s strengths” [Recorder, April 19], I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Snow family on their acquisition of the Thomas Memorial Golf & Country Club. I am familiar...

My Turn: Call for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza
04-21-2024 10:26 AM


 As Friends (Quakers), we respect the humanity of all people, which is why we have sought nonviolent responses to conflict anywhere. Our experience teaches us that violence only creates hatred, fear, hopelessness, and endless new cycles of war and...

My Turn: To become a Climate Leader
04-21-2024 10:26 AM


 When I was a working stiff, the company I worked for (for 39 years!) had a motto: “Never sacrifice the long term for the short term.” This successfully carried the family-owned horticultural company into its fourth generation of leadership. I took it...

As I See It: What if we could think like 10-year-olds?
04-20-2024 8:01 AM


My wife, who is my severest critic, says I think like a 10-year old, which I interpret as a compliment. True, I tend to be simple-minded and linear as a 10-year-old child would be. After nearly half a century of working as a sociologist, writing a...

Connecting the Dots: In what world do you want to live?
04-19-2024 4:31 PM


I find myself acutely aware of living in three worlds right now. The biggest one is the Universe that is large beyond my comprehension. My awareness was sharpened by watching the eclipse with my sister from two camp chairs in my driveway. Watching the...

Jessica Zhang: Weigh your choices — Solar power a better alternative
04-19-2024 1:25 PM

In his recent letter [“‘No’ means higher energy prices,” Recorder, March 26] Jim Bates is right that fossil fuels have powered societies across the globe — nobody disputes that. It’s the reality of pollution and carbon buildup in the atmosphere that...

My Turn: Saving planet Greenfield
04-18-2024 5:48 PM


Anthropologist Margaret Mead wrote, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” If such a group were Greenfielders responding to the climate crisis, what would...

Gary Seldon: Solar Roller Earth Day River Ride
04-18-2024 5:12 PM

The Solar Roller Earth Day River Ride, a protest of Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage (NMPS), will gather April 20 at 9 a.m. on the Greenfield Common. Join our bicycling, walking, (paddling anyone?) protest and rallies. Details at...

Mitch Speight and Joan Marie Jackson: City should follow constitutional ruling on property takings
04-18-2024 5:12 PM

On April 13, the Greenfield tax collector bought a full-page advertisement in this newspaper announcing the city’s intention to “take” 35 parcels of land on May 3 for “non-payment after demand, of the taxes due thereon.” The list of properties for...

Columnist Johanna Neumann: Reaping the rewards of rooftop solar
04-17-2024 5:33 PM


This week my boys and I are visiting my mom and stepdad for April break. Shortly after we arrived, they proudly gave us a tour of their new PV solar array, which they had installed on the south face of their home earlier this year. My stepdad, Rick,...

My Turn: Let’s leave miracle of trees well enough alone
04-17-2024 5:30 PM


 At the moment, most trees are still biding their time, shyly staying curled and safe in bud wraps for now. A few days ago that seemed very wise as we woke to a landscape whitened by an April snowstorm. But in just days we will witness the wonderful...

Ben Tobin: Another educational song and dance
04-17-2024 5:24 PM

As a kid growing up in the 1990s and early 2000s in western Massachusetts, watching Malcolm in the Middle — the saga of a fourth-wall busting child prodigy and his family — was a staple of post-school hours. Jumping forward to present times, and my...

Displaying articles 1 to 20 out of 568 total.

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