Real Estate/Changing Hands, May 18, 2018

Thursday, May 17, 2018

George G. Baird, to Richard J. Baird, of Shelburne Falls. 127 East Buckland Road. $1


Fannie Mae, and Federal National Mortgage Association, of Dallas, Texas, by attorney, Harmon Law Offices, PC, Attorney, to Frank J. Mooney and Jennifer L. Mooney. 98 Main St. $105,000


CitiFinancial Servicing, LLC, by attorney, of O’Fallon, Mo., Carrington Property Services, LLC, Attorney, to Jerrold Axelson and Nancy Wilson. 11 River St. $17,500

Timothy I. Menerey and Beth S. Girshman, to Girshman-Menerey Investment Trust, Beth S. Girshman and Timothy I. Menerey, both Trustees. 242 Hoosac Road. $1

Jeannette Sabatelli O’Rourke Estate, “aka” Jeannette Sabatelli Estate, John O’Rourke, Personal Representative, to John O’Rourke. 155 Mathews Road. No consideration


Lois S. Gates, to Gunter Nagels and Marylynn Orlovsky. 123 River Road. $1

Lois S. Gates, to Roger J. Sadowski and Joyce M. Sadowski. 123 River Road. $1


Russell S. Breault Jr., and Darlene L. Breault, to Brandon R. Breault. North Street and 105 High St. $1

Jeannette A. Felton, to Thomas J. Fenner and Patricia M. H. Fenner, of Weare, N.H. 25 River Road. $249,000


Stanley E. Page, of Agawam, to Nancy Forrest. 133 Elm St. $115,000

Steven H. Lepore and Joni-Sue Hanley, to Lisa Sommers, of Amherst. 18 Champney Road. $215,000

Michael R. Babineau and Maura Babineau, to David E. LaValley. Loomis Road. $1

Greenfield KMW, LLC, to Ann Grippo, of Brookline. 100 Verde Drive. $298,000

Whitney K. Robbins Revocable Trust, Whitney K. Robbins, Trustee, to Alistair N. Shurman and Elizabeth M. A. Shurman. 48 Peabody Lane. $415,000

Michael P. Mendyk Jr., and Michael J. McGrath, of Hatfield, to Pioneer Valley Redevelopers, LLC, of Montague. 132 Davis St. $165,000

Matthew R. Guertin and Maggie Ryan Guertin, to Jonathan R. Storm and Misha S. Storm, of Northfield. 85 Hope St. $152,000


Matthew J. Wanamaker and Erin L. McNay, to Jeffrey C. Seymour and Megan E. Seymour. 15 Old Northfield Road. $285,000

Franklin County Regional Housing & Redevelopment Authority, Franklin County Regional Housing Authority, and Rural Development Inc., to River Child, LLC. 42 Canal Road, Unit 1, Canal Street Condominium, 42 Canal Road, Unit 2, Canal Street Condominium and 42 Canal Road, Unit 3, Canal Street Condominium $12,735


Donald L. Tefft and Cheryl L. Tefft, to James G. MacLennan and Nichole M. MacLennan, of Rowe. 86 West Road. $288,500

Joyce A. Roberts, to Donald L. Tefft and Cheryl L. Tefft. 504 Mount Hermon Station Road. $285,000

Glenn A. Thoma and Pamela S. Thoma, to Colin G. Hamill and Bridget J. Hamill, of Sunderland. 207 Old Wendell Road. $290,000

Alane B. Smith, to Smith Investment Trust, Alane B. Smith, Trustee. 53 Ashuelot Road. $1

Alan G. Lawler and Michele F. Lawler, of Swanton, Vt., to Lawler Family Trust, Alan G. Lawler and Michele F. Lawler, Trustees, of Swanton, Vt. 24 Dickinson St. and Alexander Hill Road. $1

Leesa Heydenreich Campbell, of Durham, N.C., to Leesa H. Campbell Revocable Trust, Leesa Heydenreich Campbell, Trustee, of Durham, N.C. 62 Woodruff Road. $1


PMC REO Financing Trust of Moor Park, Calif., , by attorney, PennyMac Loan Services LLC, Attorney, to Sean M. Lacki and Brianna M. Lacki, of Fitchburg. 185 Packard Road. $145,000

Brandon Coy and Katherine Coy, to Marcia Nataly. 53 Oak Drive. $255,850

Donald L. LaBonte, to Stacie J. Bennett. 360 Holtshire Road. No consideration

Chen Lin, LLC, of Quincy, to M. Jemms Orange I, LLC, of Chelmsford, 12-14 East Main St. $395,000

Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Trustee, by attorney, of West Palm Beach, Fla., Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, Attorney, to Joyce Ann Stevens. 212 Dana Road. $91,000

Fred L. Heyes, to Heyes Family Forests, LLC. 110 West Orange Road. $1


Steven R. Crowningshield and Debra A. Crowningshield, to Brian C. Crowningshield. 245 Zoar Road. $171,000

Mitchell P. Soviecke and Karen C. Soviecke, to Soviecke Investment Trust, Mitchell P. Soviecke and Karen C. Soviecke, Trustees. 41 Davenport Road. $1

Russell W. Jolly, Jennifer Y. Wood and Susan C. Wood, to Russell W. Jolly, Morghan W. Jolly, Jennifer Y. Wood and Susan C. Wood. 19 Stone Road. $1


Elizabeth A. Perkins Trust, Elizabeth Perkins, Trustee, of Sherman Oaks, Ca., to Richard C. Zawalich Revocable Trust, of Hanover, Richard C. Zawalich and Deborah R. Zawalich, both Trustees. 5 Maple St. $523,000


Amy Beth and Michelle Risch, to Amy Beth Revocable Trust, Amy Beth, Trustee. 162 North Main St. $1

Anne R. Homme, of Amherst, to Derek W. Brandt and Mary Ann C. Brandt, of Northampton. 26 South Plain Road. $267,000

Andrew Olanyk, “aka” Andrew G. Olanyk, of South Deerefield, to LaDonna Olanyk. 76 Silver Lane. $1


Reva Reck Revocable Trust, Joel Reck, Trustee, of Wayland, and Thomas S. Wyatt, individually and Trustee, to Kelly A. Buchanan, of Brighton. 555 Northfield Road. $305,500