‘A malicious, vacuous and ungrateful community’

Published: 7/22/2020 3:44:29 PM

So much for legitimate elections…

  Before my comments on the recent Conway vote, I need to comment on two recent letters published in the Recorder. In both cases, they involved my support of the rule of law with regard to illegal immigration issues. On June 29, a letter from Clarissa Spawn, a Buckland resident, “Pervasive Racism,” who I have never met, was published, in which she cited a My Turn piece of mine from Nov. 20, 2017, named me and accused me of being a racist. My article was clearly focused on the rule of law and there is nothing in the article, either explicit or implicit, that could be interpreted by a reasonable person as racist. Either Ms. Spawn did not understand what she read or, more likely, she was part of the coordinated attack against me before the town election.

On July 6, a letter from Thad Bennett, a Conway resident, “Conway coverage,” who I have never met, stated that he is “still upset” over a handout that I provided at the May 2018 Town Meeting expressing my opposition to the proposed sanctuary community bylaw warrant article and that I did not change my position on the bylaw after the article passed. The sanctuary community gang packed that Town Meeting and the article passed based on 7% (104/1421) of the registered voters in town, not an overwhelming mandate.

Conway held a vote for a Select Board position on June 30, the purpose of which was to choose the most qualified person.

As the incumbent, I served on the Select Board for nine years and gained extensive knowledge of Massachusetts General Laws, municipal government policies and operations, and municipal finance and budgets. I spent 15+ hours per week working on town business and was always guided by the will of the citizens and sound principles in supporting decisions of the board concerning town policies and operations. I joined or was elected or appointed to three regional and three state municipal organizations to ensure that I would have access to the politicians and other important individuals at the regional level, the highest levels of state government and selectmen throughout the state if I needed their advice on issues important to Conway. Under my leadership, the town has had a stable tax rate, is in excellent financial condition, and has benefited from a very high level of essential services and public health and safety for its residents.

Instead of a legitimate election, the leftist mob (the sanctuary community gang that wants to imitate the culture of Amherst and Northampton (LOL); the supposedly woke crowd; the regulars at Baker’s; the group that received confidential information from executive sessions of the Select Board in late February through the unethical leaks of member Phil Kantor about the negotiations with and new employment agreement of the town administrator; and Kantor, disbarred from the practice of law in 2004) organized a political hit against me and voted for a person who has never served on a town committee, has no knowledge of or experience in municipal government and has no memberships in municipal organizations. Many residents asked me, “Who is she?”

Everyone understands that voting for the most qualified person is in their best interest. This faux election had nothing to do with my far superior qualifications and everything to do with my support of the rule of law that opposes the leftist mob that advocates for skirting the law for illegal aliens and sanctuary communities. Voting against the most qualified person is like shooting yourself in the foot and can only be characterized as seriously stupid.

Conway, you should feel very distressed that your leftist mob engaged in the dirtiest form of politics, a political hit, that has resulted in seating an unqualified person on your Select Board who will form a voting block with loose cannon and disbarred attorney Kantor.

Now that Conway has revealed its predominant true nature as a malicious, vacuous and ungrateful community, I have ended all my involvement in and support of the town. This episode should be a clear warning to anyone with education, experience and expertise who is thinking about contributing their time and effort to this town. Conway, you have proven that you do not deserve me; but you will deserve what you have coming.

My sincerest thanks to all of the very smart residents that voted for me.

John P. O’Rourke is, regrettably, a Conway resident.


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