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Published: 5/15/2020 2:50:40 PM
Modified: 5/15/2020 2:50:28 PM

Lots of time online these days? How did I guess? Maybe you’re like us and your child’s amount of screen time has also gone up. But something’s a little different being online at our house. There’s only a couple of places where computing happens because there are only two ethernet cables coming out of the router which tend not to get moved.

Theoretically, we could mix things up because one of them is 50 feet long. Sounds a little burdensome, I know. We used to enjoy the convenience of Wi-Fi before my wife developed microwave sickness, aka “electrical sensitivity” or “rapid aging syndrome.” Microwave sickness is the original term used by German MD’s in the 1930s to describe symptoms experienced by radar operators like fatigue, sleep disturbance, headaches and increased susceptibility to infection.

Although advanced stage microwave sickness in 2020 is the nightmare you would imagine (social distancing not for months but potentially for life) in certain ways we feel lucky. If this hadn’t happened, we would still have Wi-Fi and might have added a tech-savvy combination of “smart” phones, a “smart” TV, cordless phones, and “smart” speakers (a marketer figured out “smart” was snappier than “microwave radiation emitting and receiving”). We might even be considering purchasing a 5G enabled smartphone and consider it inevitable that Big Wireless will attach a 5G antenna from a light post close to our home.

Of course, this would all be on top of our radiation emitting electric meter which you will be told “is not a smart meter” if you call your utility (they have figured out that this is an important point to make when people call to find out if they have the right to a safe electric meter). And in our highly networked but fatigued state we might be asking questions like “Why does our child have attention/behavior issues?” “Why am I so irritable?” “Why am I showing signs of early dementia?” or “why am I being diagnosed with brain cancer”? The list goes on and of course, there are multiple potential environmental and genetic factors for all that ails us. But 24X7 multiple source microwave exposure and it’s synergistic effects with other toxins (did someone say pesticides? How about heavy metals?) wins the prize for the most “under the radar” (pun intended) and widespread source of environmental injury.

But don’t take my word for it. Try a three-day wireless “fast” or simply an ethernet cable and a land line and see how you feel. There is plenty of “reduce your exposure” info online — and plenty of industry trolls eager to cast doubt about wireless harm. Some favorite sites include, and in addition to our own

Here’s the gist:

• Wired connections equal safer, faster, more stable, more energy-efficient and secure.

• Newer computers may need ethernet to USB or other adapters.

• If having a cell phone is non-negotiable, keep it away from your body in the “on” position, use speakerphone and/or an airtube headset.

• An electrosensitive engineer in the Netherlands has developed a router emitting 1/10th the standard dose of radiation and none when no devices are connected which is now installed in his child’s school.

• A landline with a speakerphone is a great investment in your family’s heath.

What about people who can’t afford a landline? Well, if that’s your situation or are someone who would like to support someone’s investment in their health, let us know and we will try to “make the match.”

Similarly, we are collecting ethernet cable from people who no longer use/want it and offering a package of ethernet, adapter plus install advice on a donation basis. Check out Hilltown Health’s “Wired for Health” program.

Another way to get involved is to download the 5G protective by-laws we’ve received from Americans for Responsible Technology designed to maintain municipal rights in light of the 5G rollout and bring them to your Planning Board. Shelburne created the largest setback between cell towers and residences in the state at 1,500 feet (inside 1500 feet studies find the largest spike in health effects). Researcher Magda Havas has found a correlation between states with 5G and COVID-19 deaths, suggesting not that 5G “causes COVID-19” but that an immune system weakened by high EMF exposure may put you at greater risk.

Although this is a challenging moment, sometimes crises present opportunities and important new paths. We wish you good (even great) health as we continue to support each other during the pandemic!

Jonathan Mirin, a resident of Charlemont, is a co-founder of Hilltown Health.


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