My Turn: The toxic effect of leftist ideology

  • Former President Donald Trump acknowledges the crowd as he speaks at the North Carolina Republican Convention Saturday, June 5, in Greenville, N.C.  AP

Published: 6/17/2021 8:35:55 AM

When Donald Trump became President, Democrats accused him of being racist. People tossed out words like “systematic racism” and attributed it to every issue: borders are racist, voter IDs are racist, Founder Fathers are racist (1619 Project). President Lincoln who said, if we have to shed every last bit of blood we have, we will win this war and remove this scourge of slavery from our nation (paraphrase, Second Inaugural Address) is racist. Apparently I am racist. I might be a fascist, too. So, what is happening?

Is Donald Trump racist? What is going on in those urban communities? Also perplexing me, “Why did people have Joe Biden and BLM signs on their lawns? Joe Biden’s sprawling corporate jail program is as horrifying monument to institutional racism as Planned Parenthood, the early progressive’s plan to eradicate poor people (“Planned Parenthood in NY disavows Margaret Sanger,” New York Times).

If you have been asking yourself such questions, please read on. If you care about how politicians have been failing the Black community, I can help explain. However, if you’d like to accuse me of being racist, you risk making me widely popular, like you did Donald Trump. Americans have that in common, we don’t like bullsh**. And we love people who have courage to stand up to it.

My research shows: conservatives like Glenn Lowry, Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell on YouTube, alternative media sources, and free speech platforms advocate consistently for increasing economic and educational opportunities in urban neighborhoods. President Trump helped leaders to do what free people do to build their communities and have been trying to do for decades against much resistance from the left. Trump and those who support him, like me, believe freedom is fundamental to human happiness (Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence). Freedom means Independence, not dependence. Decent schools, diverse and plentiful work opportunities. Safe neighborhoods … Americans build communities together. However, the leftist activists and BLM people are all about destroying those communities as we see in Portland, New York, etc.

This helps explain the next question: “Why have those urban communities been devastated so long?” The progressives have been running Chicago, Detroit, for example, since the ‘60s (Thomas Sowell, “Charter Schools and Their Enemies”). Bob Woodson says of that time, leftist activists urged young women to get on welfare —a strategy created by Democratic-socialists Cloward and Piven — to overwhelm the welfare rolls thereby creating the means, or excuse, to seize federal power (Bob Woodson, “Race in America: Economics,” Youtube). This is similar to Saul Alinsky’s tactics to achieve power by any means (“Rules for Radicals”). While moderate Americans were helping make opportunities for Black people, radical leftists were training them to foot soldiers in their ideological war. BLM claims it is a Marxist organization.

Actively discouraging marriage (an idea radical feminists support enthusiastically) is an ideological goal not a rational one. Both Heritage and Brookings Institutes say two-parent homes is a huge deterrent to poverty and best for children (Larry Elder, “Conservatives and Liberals Agree: Fathers Matter,” FOXNEWS).

The leftist radicals made young men effectively non-essential, forcing them to abandon the traditional role of providing for and protecting families. Harvard says, “Dozens of studies have shown that people who have social support from family, friends, and their community are happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer.” (Harvard, “The Health Benefits of Long Term Relationships,” 2019). So where is the left’s fanatical commitment to science, again I ask? Does science say harboring hate and vengeance promotes human happiness and health? instead of going out into the world and working a creating a life for themselves? No. Hate releases toxic levels of cortisol which causes brain damage, and makes people susceptible to sickness and diseases (Dr. Leaf, “Switch on Your Brain”).

The left disenfranchised young men who then turned to gangs and crime and wound up in the corporate jail system. And in order to hide their own shame and diabolical hypocrisy they blame you, me, Trump, anyone in sight, pretty much our whole culture for being racist. Viciously so. In order to seize power. They are shameless about their tactics, clearly writing about them and teaching them in universities. And they hiding in plain sight. The question is: What are we going to do about it?

Radical leftists who demonize the United States of America, promote hate, lies, and destructive policies like welfare dependence and eradicating families, don’t care about people, they only care about power and will step on anyone to get it. They’ve been stepping on the Black community for decades.

President Trump come back!

Jennifer Brennan lives in Northfield.


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