‘Allowing the media to rule our emotions is as good as being ignorant’


Published: 8/12/2020 3:23:27 PM

Webster’s defines racism as, a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.

It is sad what happened to Mr. FLoyd. Did any of the officers make derogatory statements to Mr. Floyd? Was the “N word” used? The facts about Derek Chauvin’s prior misconducts as an officer are unclear. Just because a situation involves a white officer and a Black person, doesn’t make it racism. According to the FBI homicide data, unarmed people use fists and feet in acts of violence.

A Black person on the receiving end by police is more newsworthy than a white person in the same situation. News stories carefully selected to elicit a reaction. Haven’t you noticed, most or all situations involving police shootings are with a Black person?

This white guy was shot, but didn’t see it on social media.

The Chicago Transit Authority and police body cam videos for the first time provide a detailed look at how the incident unfolded from the time Ariel Roman used a subway’s gangway doors to when he was shot for the second time after scrambling away from officers up the escalator. Roman, 33, survived but was severely injured.

Black lives do matter. So, where’s the outrage with Blacks killing Blacks in Chicago and Baltimore? Haven’t seen that in the media. News about KKK and Aryan Nation aren’t in the papers or on social media. I wonder why?

Why didn’t change happen after the civil rights movement? Why not after Ruby Ridge where an ATF agent shot a mother dead while holding her infant child, or the beating of Kelly Thomas, or Eric Garner being strangled? While many officers are not aggressive, unfortunately some will be. It’s human nature for us to be different.

Thomas Sowell is a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution. He has written many books, articles and also has YouTube interviews on various subjects. He has studied socioeconomic issues for decades and has compiled extensive data by examining the effects that government legislation has when put into action. He says affirmative action creates academic failure and resentment. He knows racism isn’t dead, but believes it is kept alive and polarized by race hustlers, like Al Sharpton. By the way, he didn’t like Obama’s policies nor does he support the NAACP.

Thomas Sowell says we’ve lost common decency. I agree. If you disapproved of Obama, you were labeled a racist. If you disapproved of Maura Healey you were labeled as anti-gay. If you disapproved of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, you were labeled as hating Hispanics, Puerto Ricans. All absolute ignorance. What happened to having differing opinions? Yet, the government has racial quotas. Prejudice, discrimination, racism exist, but not in every situation. However, you can’t lessen them with legislation that supports them like affirmative action.

Libertarian Representative Justin Amash has filed a bill to end qualified immunity and tweeted: End qualified immunity. End civil asset forfeiture. End the drug war. End over-criminalization. End no-knock warrants. End militarization of police. End mandatory minimums. It is unlikely that this bill will make it thru, however.

Some of us do not believe that police officers habitually single out Black people. The data doesn’t support it. Allowing the media to rule our emotions is as good as being ignorant. Just like those of you who threw stones at the MAGA hat kid in DC a few years ago. We all have different views. What makes one’s views more correct than others? Facts help. Where you get your information is important. Not rushing to judgement helps. Listening to both sides help. We don’t need help dividing ourselves. The government choosing sides and picking winners and losers is the problem.

I was informed the links I provided were too extensive. So, they couldn’t be printed. All this information is online if you choose to find it. Believing it would require some of you to question your belief system. Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me has been turned upside down into some of us wanting hate speech banned.

Dave Boudreau is a resident of Athol.

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