My Turn: Western society’s divorce from reality.

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Published: 11/10/2020 3:30:13 PM

Biden’s win was inevitable, the culmination of Western society’s divorce from reality.

In the face of just one more disease, and one that 99% of people survive, we are instructed it’s an existential crisis and, incredibly, the appropriate response to it is to deprive people of the means to live healthy, satisfying and productive lives, and not to notice it’s not the disease harming them, but the actions of politicians.

We describe as systemically racist a society in which minorities have achieved unprecedented levels of wealth, equality and influence. Incredibly, we describe the country minorities overwhelmingly want to come to as the epicenter of their degradation!

We arbitrarily decide that gender is something one can choose individually, rejecting both science and the entirety of, not only human existence, but of all biological existence. Lives are ruined because a suite of intellectuals never came to terms with their own perversions.

We ironically declare that women are a victimized gender when, in our society, and in most societies that have existed, women hold more power than men, and always have. Sexual synergy is ignorantly abandoned in favor of the enforcement of a bland gender sameness.

We build houses on sand-dunes and wetlands and then blame climate change when they flood and wash away. We shove houses into forests, accumulate tinder around them, and then blame climate change when they burn. We sanitize our homes, yards, fields and forests and then decry the decline in biodiversity. We strangle nature and then lament that it lies dead in our hands, blaming faceless Not-us for the murder.

And what has the embrace of these enlightened attitudes gained us? Depression, poverty, suicide, dysfunctional relationships, isolation, addiction, abused and neglected children, toxic environments, paranoia, unbridgeable social divides, abandoned elderly, and the incremental destruction of the social, biological, and cultural systems that allowed the human species to survive for millennia.

Most distressing is that so many people can no longer see the cause and effect around them. If a suite of social progressives decided two plus two equals three, not only would that be the first element appearing in a Google search, the Chicago Manual of Style would embrace the nonsense, and any questioning of it would be expunged from all public discourse. We truly are in the midst of a new Dark Ages in which orchestrated ignorance is not only widely taught, but demanded. Absurdity becomes dogma. If someone were stabbed and the attacker said, “It was that guy over there,” we would believe them if Associated Press said so, and then elect them president.

Things won’t improve under Biden because it was the forces that created all our problems that elected Biden. It was the fools in academia who teach your children’s teachers, who then teach that idiocy to your children. It was the activists who emotionally manipulated you into adopting beliefs that go beyond nonsensical. It was the media in their mirrored bubble deciding what the rest of society may or may not say, may or may not know. It’s the idiots who stand holding “Black Lives Matter” signs who don’t know what “Black” and “lives” and “matter” even mean. Considered world views disintegrate into impassioned grunts.

The miseries people suffer won’t diminish under Biden because people have embraced their own helplessness, surrendered their fates, and foolishly placed their hopes in the very people whose hubris created the problems in the first place.

The suggestion that Biden will “unite” us is absurd. Trump was a convenient bête noire, but with him gone, other scapegoats will need to be identified. Expect pogroms against an expanding range of wrong-thinkers. Each time a reviled group is ridden-down, another will be identified, the only purpose of their destruction to deflect attention from the entities actually creating the misery. This is less 1984 than it is Animal Farm.

Biden’s election was inevitable. There was no reason to hold an election. Biden didn’t need to campaign. Really, who would vote for a lying two-time loser, a corporate shill, a corrupt, geriatric career politician rapidly slipping into decrepitude? An emoji could have been placed on the ballot. People still would have voted for it. Biden didn’t win an election; he is a pathetic designee of an entrenched, destructive elite, a ghoulishly grinning cardboard cartoon.

God plagued the Egyptians with boils and frogs. We get Biden and Harris. Maybe it’s time to make a heave offering and beg forgiveness for what we have done.

John Blasiak is a resident of  Greenfield. Responses are invited, and always acknowledged, at

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