Phillips has experience, integrity

Thursday, May 17, 2018

On election day, Monday, May 21, there is an excellent opportunity for the voters of the Town of Montague to return to the Gill-Montague Regional School Committee a person of experience, knowledge, integrity, and leadership. That person is candidate Joyce Phillips. Having previously served for 22 years, she is no stranger to the office, and now seeks the one-year term on the ballot. She has been a staunch advocate of maintaining parental involvement, staff support, and student input in our schools. Besides her duties on the School Committee, she has also been very involved in our beautiful community’s affairs and activities.

She continues to serve on the MASC Regional School Committees of Massachusetts, studying problems associated with regional schools and legislative issues. In November, 2006, she was honored with a life membership in the MASC for her many contributions to the district and our commonwealth. In speaking with Phillips, you can immediately sense her intensity and sincerity for quality elementary and secondary education, and her deep affection and devotion to the citizenry of our town. I was particularly impressed by her formula for success: “Learn from the Past, Work on the Present, and Build for the Future.”

Please vote for Joyce Phillips.

Mrs. Walter T. Kostanski Jr.

Turners Falls