Governor stays quiet on big issues

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

President Trump has declared his intent to open our Massachusetts coastline up for drilling oil off shore. Imagine seeing oil rigs from Boston harbor, and Provincetown, and Gloucester? Even worse, seeing the oil leaks that will inevitably occur, washing oil onto Massachusetts beaches.

As soon as it was announced, Gov. Brown of California, and even Republican Gov. Rick Scott, spoke out opposing the drilling off the shores of their state.

But here in Massachusetts, with supposedly the “most popular” governor in the country, we hear nothing from Gov. Charlie Baker. Silence. Is this what we want from our governor? Supposedly there is an advantage for Massachusetts because we have a Republican governor who can talk to the Republicans in Washington. Has anyone actually seen that advantage?

It is important to note that when it matters most to us, our governor, Charlie Baker, is silent.

Time for a change.

Tom Wolff