Thank you for saving VFW

Saturday, December 30, 2017

We would like to thank the following for their help that allowed us to save our Charter. VFW Post members that stuck with us four years ago, worked hard and showed up at meetings and cast the votes that allowed us to keep going: John Albee, Merle Allard, Mark Dufresne, Steve Gretchel, Curtis Neil and Dave Kearney. Without their help, we were doomed.

We have special thanks for Jonathan F. George, CPA, 89 Main St., Shelburne Falls, who helped us during the early hours of our dilemma, spending hours going over our books, and at the end of the day telling us we owed him nothing; it was a donation for the veterans.

Later, George helped us out of the mess we were left with, paying back taxes, filing reports with state and federal agencies that were required by law, helping us restore our tax exempt number. He worked many long hours, and his fee was very reasonable. We highly recommend him to all veterans needing CPA services.

Then, there’s attorney John R. Richardson, knowing we were flat broke, agreed to go to work for us knowing he would be paid contingent on our future liquidation of assets. Attorney Richardson worked many hours pro-bono in the process of helping us save our charter. His extensive research on Veterans Field, AKA Cricket Field, made the sale possible of this great sports complex.

We are forever grateful for the help we received from Richardson and George. You can’t go wrong hiring these gentlemen.

We also thank Jamie Brown, supervisor for TransCanada Power Company, for his work in making us aware that TransCanada had a history of helping recreation areas and eventually we were able to get a matching grant of $50,000. Jamie, an ex-Marine, put a lot of work into this and we would never have received the grant without him. Jamie, thanks for your hard work and thanks for your service in the Marines. It’s people like these three that restore your faith in humanity.

Richard Flaherty, Roger “Heze” Ward

VFW Post 8503