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Published: 9/24/2019 7:23:43 AM

I was dismayed by the editorial cartoon published in the Recorder on Friday, Sept. 13. Once again, people likely old enough to know better, like the cartoonist and editor, think it’s clever and edgy to insult the intelligence of millennials and other young people, who are acutely aware that they are facing a perilous future of “apocalyptic crop failures, massive fires, collapsing economies, biblical flooding and millions of climate refugees.” And just which generations do we have to thank for this impending cataclysm?

Unlike the pathetic and apathetic caricatures in the cartoon young people today are aware, active and angry about the perilous world they are inheriting from their elders, who have blithely and selfishly created the political and social conditions that have given rise to these disasters, and then seen fit to do little or nothing to change their behaviors and systems that brought them on, maybe other than to criticize young people for being tuned in on social media about the issues.

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a huge youth movement demanding that we treat the climate crisis as just that, a crisis threatening all life on the planet, and act accordingly. In fact, the week of September 20-27 will see massive climate strikes and demonstrations around the world, led by children and young people who fear for their future.

The younger generations of today are the most passionately engaged sector of our society, something the cartoonist and editor seem to be unaware of, and if the older generations that have driven this planet to the brink of collapse don’t want to get off their recliners and lend a hand, the least they could is not add ignorant insult to world wide catastrophic injury.

Ed Rutledge



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