Comcast broadband meeting an appalling display

Saturday, December 16, 2017

I would like to express my deepest apologies to the Comcast’s VP of Government and Regional Affairs and his staff for having to endure the appalling, disrespectful and, at times, volatile behavior of the Montague broadband committee chairman at the last broadband committee meeting.

The Comcast managerial staff were invited to this meeting and attended in good faith, and we could not have been worse hosts. To bring a community business partner that does over $3 million a year of business in Montague alone into such a hostile environment is simply ignorant, and certainly counter-productive.

In my view, this negative attitude toward state agencies and business partners is detrimental to the economical development and well-being of our community. Instead of taking advantage of developing an important relationship with Comcast, the meeting ended up in a dysfunctional and chaotic muddle.

I know for certain that the people of Montague share a very positive vision of the future, and I am more than hopeful that we can get this process back on the right track.

Charlie Kelley

Turners Falls