Time to reset gun laws

Friday, March 09, 2018

No one is safe any more, anywhere. That is the reality visited upon us by the arms manufacturers and their NRA spokespeople and their bribed politicians. Lots of blame for this.

First, an “un-supreme” court that legalized bribery of senators and congressmen by corporations and special interests. Second, this is a culture of violence and deification of guns. Then, an acceptance of status quo by all of us, in the face of change, as weapons of war were being allowed to be sold to anyone.

No school is safe, no church, no public event, no gathering anywhere is safe any more. Yet, we still elect people to represent us who cannot afford to do the right thing and outlaw these weapons of mass destruction of life.

Sixty years ago, I was an NRA member with a 30-6, shotgun and .22 rifle, and was an expert marksman. The world was safe. Now with automatic pistols, AR-15s and personal arsenals of weapons, there is no safety anywhere. Mass shootings correlate only with easy availability of these WMD. Get rid of them and join all the other sane nations where this never happens.

Easy access to these weapons also means police officers must fear for their lives and have to react in unclear situations, leading to more unnecessary deaths.

I can see where a single shot rifle for those with hunting licenses would make sense, but concealed weapons, any handgun or automatic or semiautomatic weapons, ought to be banned. Then, an enforced 10-year jail penalty for illegal possession of a killing weapon might clear the culture of this disease of mass shootings.

Watch who you vote for and who is their “sponsor” funding them. Make America safe again, have a one-time state buyback and destruction of all newly declared illegal weapons. It’s time for a massive reset of our gun laws at all levels.

For those enamored with guns, join the National Guard, our equivalent of the old state militias, allowed under the constitution.

Ted Johnson