Suicide awareness

Sunday, October 08, 2017

I was very disappointed that the Recorder didn’t have any coverage on the walk to prevent and bring awareness to the suicide epidemic.

Suicide affects almost as many as cancer. The widespread effects are the same. Suicide has touched my life and so many more than anyone knows. The dark is dark, and support is definitely needed to educate people on signs of and preventing people from committing suicide.

To all the people who marched, my heart was there with you. The would of, should of, and could of, are just that. My only source of peace is believing the ones who committed suicide are not in the pain their brain was creating. In memory of all who ended their life early, leaving a lot of broken hearts behind, praying the sadness that has been left behind has found counsel enough to have the chain broken.

Love to one and all. My heart hurts with yours.

Jennifer Herzig