Omitted name

Friday, October 06, 2017

The Trustees of the Griswold Memorial Library recently submitted a Letter to the Editor as a thank you for an event we hosted. We realized that we overlooked one of our volunteers and have added his name below as well as the original letter:

On Sept. 16, the Trustees of the Griswold Memorial Library launched the first Repair Colrain, a free fix-it event that brought the community together for the New England tradition of making and mending things by hand.

A talented team of tinkerers showed folks how to repair dozens of items, from bicycles and lamps to clothes, tools, and toys. The trustees extend an exuberant thank-you to everyone who participated and helped make the afternoon a tremendous success.

Special thanks goes to Michael and Laurie Giard of Catamount Country Store, who donated space for the event, and to all of our volunteer helpers and fixers, who were instrumental in bringing the noble act of repair to Colrain: Kate Barrows, Bob Bourke, Shane Brenizer, Lynn DiTullio, Ben Eastman, Kevin French, Adam Grandin, Judy Hadley, Joe Hillman, Betty Johnson, Kara Leistyna, Nina Martin-Anzuoni, Dave Noonan, Ken Noyes, Ben Pomeroy, Sam Pomeroy, Eileen Sauvageau, Betsy Shuipis, Michael Shuipis, Tim Shuipis, Eli Sideris, Anna Turkle and Haynes Turkle.

Thank you, also, to Aubuchon Hardware of Shelburne Falls for donations of glue and store coupons. For more information about our team of fixers, visit the Griswold Memorial Library. And stay tuned for the next Repair Colrain.

Mike Friedlander, Michelle Hillman, Jill Horton-Lyons, Cynthia McLaughlin, Cheli Mennella, Nancy Rich Turkle

Trustees of the Griswold Memorial Library, Colrain