Published: 10/28/2020 9:52:34 AM

I realize that we are in one of the most liberal states in the union. But is that an excuse for the Recorder being one-sided in politics. As an example, I have observed daily cartoons that bash only Trump. Why? And most of the chosen Associated Press articles preach one side.

I have been here since 1970 and it was not always this way. We could disagree in a collegial fashion, not calling each other racist, or Nazi or white supremacist, communist or socialist. There were always protesters: anti-nukes,anti-Vietnam war,and some violent episodes and spitting on us when we returned from Vietnam. But there was not continual rioting, trashing and burning property in cities by “peaceful protesters.”

And our paper did not so obviously support one opinion over the other.

A number of people believe that Trump is our last best hope to slow down or stop our slide over the cliff into liberal oblivion and anarchy. Others want the liberal control, believing it will be more fair by taxing (everyone) more and dispersing more services. We are all Americans, living in the greatest country and we live here in a beautiful area with our hills and rivers and educational opportunities with hopes to achieve and contribute.

Let us respect ourselves, our first responders, a neutral press and all of our brothers and sisters with their varied opinions. Vote your conscience in a way that will help the country and accept the outcome as a good citizen.

Douglas Fusonie


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