Letter: Far from the best

Friday, July 13, 2018

“A lot of people don’t know” is one of Trump’s favorite lines when he has just learned something that is normally common knowledge for any adult with more than an eighth-grade education. A little-known fact is that his family’s name, on his father’s side, was originally “Drumpf,” and his ancestors emigrated from Germany to America. I think about this when I compare another German — Angela Merkel — with this so-called man. Chancellor Merkel exhibits many qualities of leadership and has courageously opened Germany’s borders to many of the desperate human beings fleeing their war-torn countries. On the other hand, Trump, whose name now appears ubiquitously on buildings throughout the world, is under investigation for collaborating with Russia to rig his election, has never released his tax returns, has said that not paying taxes was just plain “smart,” and has admitted to paying hush money to women with whom he had affairs or whom he molested. Most recently, he has instituted a policy of jailing mothers, fathers and children fleeing for their lives and seeking asylum in our country. To quote Trump-Drumpf again: clearly when his ancestors came to this country from Germany, “they were not sending us their best — they were sending us rapists, and criminals, and thugs.” And that’s who sits in the Oval Office today.

Carol Angus