Real Estate/Changing Hands, June 15, 2018

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Davis Wang, of Easthampton, to Davis Wang and Rachel Hinkel, of Easthampton. 296 Ranney Corner Road. $1

Richard P. Pantermehl and Martha L. Pantermehl, to Luke R. Pantermehl. 538 Watson Spruce Corner Road. $1

Thomas S. Kaye, of Haydenville to Spruce Street Realty Trust, Dudley H. Willis, Trustee, of Sherborn. Spruce Corner Road. $49,000


Kathleen L. Krol, “aka” Kathleen M. Krol, to David H. Howe and Joanne T. Howe, of Greenfield. Eden Trail Branch Road. $60,000


David C. Bartlett Trust, and Mary M. Bartlett Trust, Mary M. Bartlett, individually and Trustee, to Robert G. Bartlett Revocable Trust, Robert G. Bartlett and Marie Betts Bartlett, both Trustees. Rand Road. $1,500


Jeffrey Carantit, “aka” Jeffery Carantit, and Julie Carantit, of Hawley, to Joseph H. Gougeon, of Williamsburg. 327 West Hawley Road. $146,500


Whitney C. Robbins and Marjorie Morgan “aka” Marjorie R. Morgan, to Whitney C. Robbins Investment Trust, Whitney C. Robbins, Trustee, and Marjorie R. Morgan Investment Trust, Marjorie R. Morgan, Trustee. 55 Shearer Road. $1

Frances C. Bennett, of Haverford, Pa., to, Albert Maguire and Jean Bennett of Bryn Mawr, Pa. 71 East Colrain Road. No Consideration


Kenneth N. Schoen and Jane Trigere, to Schoen Trigere Family Trust, Kenneth N. Schoen, and Jane Trigere, Trustees. 7 Sugarloaf St. $1

Daniel P. Sheehan, to Daniel P. Sheehan and Denise M. Sheehan. 34 Plain Road East. No consideration

Michael J. Pancione of Whately to Matthew R. Fabry and Alycia M. Fabry. 169 North Main St. $1

Stanley W. Sencabaugh and Julie A. Sencabaugh, to Jennifer C. Green of Somerville. 216 Conway Road. $259,000


Shirley J. Holmes, to Jeffrey W. Lanoue and Catherine M. McLaughlin. 32 Forest St. $265,000


Charles F. Reum Jr., Estate, Janice L. Reum, individually and Personal Representative, Celina Reum, of Montague and Kristina Willette, of Gardner, to Janice L. Reum. 47 Vernon St. No consideration

Mark A. Sirum and Tracy L. Sirum of Gill, to Andrew A. Wroblewski and Corrie L. Sirum. 22 Pickett Lane. $110,000

Leif C. S. Riddington and Sara S. Riddington, of Sunderland to James S. Pettengill and Alyssa T. Robb of Northampton. 49 Birch St. $210,000

Robert R. Zraunig and Muriel A. Zraunig, to Mark J. Zraunig, Matthew R. Zraunig and Tara M. Zraunig. 42 Plum Tree Lane. $1

Jennifer L. Cullen, to Jennifer L. Cullen and James A. Cullen. 168 Green River Road. $1

Jennifer L. Cullen, and James A. Cullen, Jr., “aka” James A. Cullen, to Adam J. Williams and Stefanie A. Williams. 776 Country Club Road. $210,000

Michael A. Waskewicz and Sandra Waskewicz, to Moonlight Rose Inc. 151 Smead Hill Road. (Land also in Shelburne). $750,000

Bryan G. Hobbs and Linda Hobbs, of Shutesbury to Sarah L. Meikle and Louise H. C. Perret. 346 Conway St. $325,000

Sarah L. Meikle and Louise H. C. Perret, of Rye, N.Y. to Sarah L. Meikle, Louise H. C. Perret and Alexander J. B. Meikle. 346 Conway St. $1

Louis D. Manica and Alice M. Manica, to Spencer Sherman and Christine Luiggi of Alliston. 66 Orchard St. $315,000


Lawrence J. Siok, to Lawrence J. Siok and Tracy A. Siok. 235 Number Nine Road. $1


Jack L. Frazier, “aka” Jackie L. Frazier, and Nancy D. Frazier, to Nancy D. Frazier Investment Trust, Nancy D. Frazier, Trustee, and Jackie L. Frazier Investment Trust, Jackie L. Frazier, Trustee. 73 Juggler Meadow Road. $1


Scott D. Tompkins, of Chicopee, Kyle N. Tompkins, of Boston, Kelly L. Markol, of Greenfield, and Jodi G. Ozdarski, to Brian J. Bowden-Smith. 23 X St. $137,000

Leon R. Laster, to Jonathan T. Rawls, and Sara D. Scannell. 108 South Prospect St. $211,500

Christian S. Couture and Charlene M. Couture, to Jacob S. Dlugosz and Carleigh M. Dlugosz. 14 Morris Ave. $190,000

Terry F. Pease, and Anne U. Pease “fka” Anne M. Urban, to Trevor A. LeBlanc, of Easthampton. 37 Unity St. “fka” 57 Ferry Road. $219,900

Gale I. Kuhn, to Gale I. Kuhn Revocable Trust, Timothy Van Egmond, Trustee. 118 Chestnut Hill Road. $1

Scott A. Johnson, of Northfield to Bryan G. Hobbs, of Shutesbury. 9 Turnpike Road. $185,000


Cathleen E. Dodge, to Joshua L. Dodge and Jason M. Dodge, of Winchendon and Jennifer E. Barilone of Athol. 16 Ellis Drive. $1

Brian L. Camber, “aka” Brian Lee Camber, and Jolene Demers, by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., to George A. Hunt Jr.. 2 Daniel Shays Highway. $86,500


FirstLight Hydro Generating, Co., of Burlington, to Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust Inc. of Athol. Old Wendell Road and Mountain Road. No consideration.


TD Bank N.A., of Portland, Maine, to Terri Johnson. 85 North Main St. $30,000

Jeremy Melanson and April Melanson, to John M. McCarthy and Catherine M. McCarthy. 58 Stone Valley Road. $211,230

Cathleen E. Dodge, to Joshua L. Dodge and Jason M. Dodge of Winchendon. Lake Mattawa Road/and Lake Avenue. $1

Randall L. Croto, to Courtney J. Graves. 202 Daniel Shays Highway. $157,000

Brian K. Cameron, and Lisa M. Cameron, “fka” Lisa M. Davis, to Daniel J. Quinn. 175 West Main St. $174,900

Peter A. Gerry, of Athol, to Jessalyn L. Zaykoski. 280 Walnut Hill Road. $225,000

Russell C. Jardine and Charlene A. Jardine, of Athol to Jean M. Kandrotas, of Hoyloke. 226 West River St. $163,500


Stephen Wright, of Wilmington, Edward J. Silva Sr. and Edward J. Silva Jr., to Patrick M. Yarnell, Michael J. Yarnell and Deborah A. Yarnell, of Billerica. Monroe Hill Road. $45,000


Michael A. Waskewicz and Sandra Waskewicz, to Moonlight Rose Inc. 151 Smead Hill Road. (Land also in Greenfield). $750,000