Real Estate/Changing Hands, Aug. 18, 2017

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Douglas R. Pease and Cheryl Pease, to Burning Sensation, LLC, of Greenfield. 143A Buckland Road, 143B Buckland Road, and 143C Buckland Road. $180,000


Michael B. Garfield-Wright, to Garfield-Wright Investment Trust, Michael B. Garfield-Wright, Trustee. 26 Avery Road. $1


Susan Hawes, to James E. Marsh and Susan B. Marsh, of Hillsdale, Mich. 539 Graves Road. $350,000

US Bank NA, Trustee, by attorney, Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, Attorney, of Florida, to Sherry D. Ouimet, of Chesterfield. 332 Williamsburg Road. $162,500


Sisomphone Krevis, “fka” Sisomphone Vongphakdy, of Worcester, to Debra Ketchum Underhill, of Montague. 26A Mill Village Road, Unit 5B, Mill Village Condominiums. $210,000

David Persons and Melissa Persons, to Lorraine A. Hart and Cheryl A. Patterson. 32 Captain Lathrop Drive. $261,000

Virgil D. Howe, and A. Esther Howe, “aka” Alice Esther Howe, of Bracey, Va., to Erin Krueger and Liberty Krueger. 71 Upper Road. $1

Kenneth M. Cuddeback and Denise Q. Cuddeback, to Cuddeback Investment Trust, Kenneth M. Cuddeback and Denise Q. Cuddeback, both Trustees. 36 Stage Road. $1


Christopher W. Adams, of Ledyard, Conn., Collis G. Adams, of Goffstown, N.H., and Ethan E. Adams, of Fitchburg, Sarah J. Meuse, “fka” Sarah A. Meuse, to Sarah J. Meuse, William Meuse and Rebecca Easton. 6 Wells St. $1


Richard P. Siciak, of West Bow, N.H., Albert D. Siciak and Merrilyn J. Lewis, of Bernardston, to James Douglas and Jocelyn Douglas. 317-B West Gill Road. $39,000


Mary P. Quinlan, to Jeffrey E. LaPointe and Tessa A. Powers, of New Orleans, La. 57 Norwood St. $265,000

Linda M. Mackenzie, to Jody P. James. 82 Thayer Road. $154,000

Sean P. Sibley and Melissa Tuttle Sibley, to Linda M. Mackenzie. 20 Princeton Terrace, Unit 20, Meadowview Manor Condominiums. $94,000

Kenneth W. Russell and Linda D. Russell, to James Schmidt and Deborah Schmidt, of Katonah, N.Y. 38-40 Prospect St. $205,000

John Dickinson Petrin Estate, “aka” John D. Petrin Estate, Jamie R. Petrin, Personal Representative, to Christine Thorington, of Prattsville, N.Y. 23 Warner St. $131,900

Jeremy M. Suhl and Jennifer H. Suhl, to Eric Fry and Barbra Holian, of Juneau, Alaska. 8 Madison Circle. $255,000

KAJA Holdings 2 LLC, to DSV SPV1, LLC, of Columbia, S C. 5-7 Hayes Ave. Just $10.

Treusch Family Trust, Karen T. Lord, Trustee, to Jeremy M. Suhl and Jennifer H. Suhl. 62 Green River Road. $385,000

Stuart C. Pratt and Ester Pratt, to Robert Foley and Mary Foley, of Hopkinton. 175 Silver St. $280,000

Jeffrey A. Traft, “aka” Jeffery A. Traft, of Conway, to Timur Kerimov and Svetlana K. Stewart, of Concord, N.H. 339 Federal St. $125,000

Lawrence A. Boschen and Cathey L. Boschen, to Lawrence A. Boschen Investment Trust, Lawrence A. Boschen, Trustee, and Cathey L. Boschen Investment Trust, Cathey L. Boschen, Trustee. 206 Plain Road. $1

Katelyn Martinez, “fka” Katelyn Green, “fka” Kaitlyn Green, to John M. Canon and Norma E. Canon. 58 White Birch Ave. $80,000


Cathy Lee Braman of Clarksburg, “aka” Cathy L. Braman, and Kent M. Braman, to Cathy Lee Braman. 15 Papoose Lake Drive. No Consideration


Martha A. Senn, of Wendell, to Scott W. Lewis, of Easthampton and Mark D. Lewis. 76 Montague Road. $1


Albert P. Emond and Deborah J. Tuttle, of Greenfield, and Jeffrey E. Emond, to Sean P. Sibley and Melissa Tuttle Sibley, of Greenfield. 1 Emond Ave. $155,000

Stanleigh I. Johnson, Shirley M. Johnson, Debra J. Wilcox, “fka” Debra J. Gonzalez, and Donald Denofrio, & Diane M. Faughnan to Ralph R. Messick Jr., and Sarah J. Ryder. 14 High St. $270,000

Montague Town SelectBoard, to Power Street, LLC. 15 Power St. $1,000

John T. Galvin and Michelle M. Galvin, to Louis H. Dion and Susan I. Dion. 16 Swamp Road. $77,000


USA, Housing and Urban Development, of Washington, D.C., to William R. Chaney, of Greenfield. 196 Millers Falls Road. $118,750

Wood Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, James A Wood and Carol L. Wood, individually and Trustees, to Kristopher E. Bradbury and Heather B. Smith of Sullivan, N.H. 829 Millers Falls Road. $285,500

Kevin Wayne Mead Revocable Trust, Kevin Wayne Mead and Cynthia Lynn Mead, Trustees, to Cynthia Lynn Mead. 237 Birnam Road. $1


Daniel P. Sheehan and Denise M. Sheehan, to Neil P. Branco and Jordiana L. Branco. 75 Tilton Street, “nka” 79 Marjorie St. $158,000

Michael P. Earl and Laura J. E. Earl of Shelburne Falls, to Jacob M. Earl. 174 Pleasant St. $132,000

USA Veteran’s Affairs, of Washington, D. C., to Rabbit Run Properties, LLC. 27 Fountain St. Unit 1, 27 Fountain Street Condos. $43,500

CitiMortage, Inc., to USA, Housing and Urban Development. 52 Eddy St. $1


David J. Keppler and Jennifer E. Strules, to Douglas M. Acuff and Susan D. Tomlinson, of Tucson, Ariz. 145 Leshure Road, “aka” 145 Leshures Road. $219,000


Philip W. Shulda and Lynne K. Shulda, to Lynn E. Samaan, of Rockport, Maine. 3 Common Road. $375,000


WD Cowls, Inc, of Amherst, to NSTAR Electric Co, of Westwood. Amherst Road, Lot 12. $165,000

Francis E. Mileski, of Belchertown, Ann M. Zera, of Millers Falls, and Beverly J. Clarity, to Margaret A. Byrne, of Northampton. 126 North Main St. $265,000

Carolyn P. Zimnowski, by attorney, Thomas Zimnowski, Attorney, to Vincent J. Tran and Nhu L. Nguyen. 49 South Silver Lane. $235,000


Robert Reil of Northborough and James Reil, of Spencer, to Robert Reil and James Reil. Royalston Road. Less than $100.


Denise E. Delaney “fka” Denise E. Stevens, to Denise M. Govoni and Lois E. Hunt, of Deerfield. 12 Long Plain Road. $305,000