Real Estate/Changing Hands, Sept. 1, 2017

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Walter D. Zalenski of South Deerfield, to Phillip Damone and Anne Damone. North Warger Road, Lot 109. $57,000


Allan E. Margeson, to Eric Bliznak and Krislene Bliznak, of Greenfield. 35 Gill Road. $267,000

Barbara Massoni, NationStar Mortgage LLC, “dba” Champion Mortgage Co, to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB, Trustee. 157 Merrifield Road. $122,000

James S. Ruder and Yvonne E. Williams, to Thomas Tyminski and Danika Lee Tyminski, of Wendell. 712 Brattleboro Road. $549,900


Graham A. Coterwas, of Northampton, and Katelyn A. Litchfield, to Budge A. Litchfield, and Sheila M. Litchfield, of Heath, and Katelyn A. Litchfield. 27 Stone Road. No Consideration

Michael A. Boyle of Whately, to Hammered Homes, LLC, of Bristol, R.I. 10 Kratt Ave. $90,000


Larry R. Hill and Deborah B. Hill, to Jeffrey A. Wroblewski. 261 West Leyden Road. $280,000

Kevin A. Shepherd and Melissa J. Koncz, to Matthew J. Leger and Cynthia R. Leger, of Buckland. 367 Main Road. $145,000


David C. Blair, of Turners Falls, to Katherine van Keuren Blair. 186 North Poland Road. $1


Kenneth Kuzontkoski, Sr., “aka” Kenneth Kuzontkoski, of Turners Falls, to Joseph E. Carey and Kristin M. Carey, of South Deerfield. 34 Graves St. $186,000

L. Neal Grover and Lorna Perras of Montague to Robyn J. Harris of Greenfield. 8 Porter St. “fka” 9 Porter St. $218,000

Barbara L. Sackman, to Rosemary Reardon, of Greenfield. 3D Adams Court, Unit 24, Commons of Deerfield. $195,000

Normena R. Welcome Estate, Wesley P. Welcome and Lois E. Raymond, Personal Representatives, to Jonathan A. Churchill, of Colrain. 352 Upper Road. $110,000


Joan Reardon, of Jonesport, Maine, and Rosemary Reardon, of Deerfield, to Donald A. Joy and Corneila S. Joy. 4 Brookside Ave. $275,000

Randy J. Smith of Turners Falls, to William R. Childs and Donna K. Childs. Wisdom Way. $12,500

Jared M. Nugent and Erin L. Nugent, “fka” Erin L. Richardson, to Thomas L. Lark and Sara A. Lark, of Northampton. 85 Sanderson St. $215,000

Rachel Roy, “aka” Rachel M. Roy, to Bruce G. Thomas and Margaret A. Thomas, of Oxford, Conn. 68 Cheapside St. $150,000

Mary M. Dion, “fka” Mary M. Behaylo, to Rachel May Roy. 227 French King Highway. $212,500

Penfield Investment Trust, Robert G. Penfield, Trustee, to Jared M. Nugent and Erin Nugent. 370 Green River Road. $275,000

Howard J. Arkush and Carole J. Arkush, of Mashpee to Craig R. Wray. 93 Burnham Road. $225,000

George A. Spence, of Hatfield, to SMR Greenfield Trust, of Springfield, Stephen M. Reilly and Kevin J. Reilly, Trustees. 10-24 Miles St. $925,000


Michael L. Freeman, Camille M. Freeman, US Bank Trust NA, Trustee, by attorney, Caliber Home Loans, Inc., Attorney, to US Bank Trust, NA, Trustee. 283 Number Nine Road. $203,202


Mark D. Lewis and Scott W. Lewis, of Easthampton, to Friends of Leverett Pond, Inc., of Amherst. 70 Montague Road. $1

Bradford H. Lewis Estate, Mark D. Lewis, individually and Personal Representative, and Scott W. Lewis, of Easthampton to Jonathan C. Severance, and Kaitlin A. Schofield, of Williamsburg. 76 Montague Road. $276,500

Sidney J. Poritz, to Jeffrey D. Laney and Tricia R. Serio. 37 Laurel Hill Drive. $650,000

Jeffrey D. Laney and Tricia R. Serio, to Rattlesnake Gutter Trust. Laurel Hill Drive. A Gift

Edward B. Appel and Diane M. Boucher Appel, to Edward B. Appel Trust, Edward B. Appel, Trustee and Diane Boucher Appel Trust, Diane M. Boucher Appel, Trustee. 55 Number Six Road. $1


Edward J. Terault, of Greenfield, and Robbin M. Terault, to Robbin M. Terault. 44 Randall Woods Drive. No Consideration

Linda Johnson, to John P. Frangie and Jennifer M. Frangie. 478 Turners Falls Road. $295,000

Thomas M. Markol and Kelly L. Markol, to Peter P. Doyle and Gina Doyle. 80 Millers Falls Road. $180,100

Robison Family Irrevocable Trust of 2011, Mary R. Yost, Trustee of Middleborough, and James M. Robison, Trustee, to Priscilla Robison and James M. Robison Jr.. 76 Turners Falls Road. $60,000


Stephen P. Kucinski and Brenna Y. Kucinski, to George Blake Voss and Devora Abramowitz, of Boynton Beach, Fla. 1 Gulf Road. $390,000


Jennifer L. Tenney, to Jennifer L. Tenney and Cain J. Blackbird 315 Gidney Road. $1

Joyce A. Rousselle, of Athol, Gerard Pilorge, Jr., and Kristin L. Smith Pilorge, to Gerard Pilorge, Jr., and Kristin L. Smith Pilorge. 116 Prentiss St. $1

Mary V. Kimball, to Jacob W. Laurie. 29 McKenna St. $150,000

Sandri Development Inc., of Greenfield, to 107 East Main, LLC. 107 Main St., 107 East Main St. $66,000


Robert Nubar Nouryan, to Edward R. Nouryan, of Lido Beach, N.Y. 462 Little Mohawk Road. $1

James R. Wade and Sandra Stanisewski, of Greenfield, to Elisei L. Taraburca & Eugenia Taraburca, of Greenfield. 411 Mohawk Trail. $220,000

Peggy J. Warwick, to Jenny New Revocable Trust, Jenny New, Trustee. 99-101 Main St. $370,000


Roger A. Witter and Rebecca M. Witter, to Nicholas Adams and Brittany Adams, of Blackstone. 484 Wendell Road. $272,500


Claudette Boudreau, to Neil M. Longley and Susan R. Griffin, of Hadley. 2C Berry Lane, Unit 2C, Buttonball Meadow Condo. $333,000

Bruce A. Bennett and Debra M. Bennett, to Isla S. Castaneda, of Leverett. 84 Old Amherst Road. $305,000


Gunnar W. Lambert and Anne K. Lambert, of Santa Ana, Ca., to Nancy Sunflower and Nadia Marti. 51 Orange Road. $120,000


JAWK, Inc. of Deerfield, to Howard B. Finkel, of Golden, Colo. Eastwood Lane, Lot 28. $105,000

Christopher Sibley, to Julie Sibley. 113 North St. No Consideration

Richard C. Spencer and Paula F. Spencer, to David J. Chez and Libby F. Meehan, of Watertown. 117 Webber Road. $360,000

Harry’s Trust, of Agawam, Shirley M. Harrison, individually and Trustee, to BDH Trust, of Agawam, Shayne Harrison, and Deyanne Harrison, Trustees. 1 South Part Road. No Consideration


Edward N. Cahill Irrevocable Trust, of Feeding Hills, Jessica M. Holloway, Trustee, to Edward M. Cahill. 86 Main St. (Property Description is Shelburne Falls). Less than $100.