Real Estate/Changing Hands, Feb. 2, 2018

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Angela Candello, to Antonio Candello. 506 Brattleboro Road. $1

Paul W. Allis, of South Deerfield, to Alexander F. Fiorey, Amy Fiorey and Martha H. Fiorey, of Greenfield. 22 South St. $130,000


Christopher C. Bathurst and Nancy I. King, to Christopher C. Bathurst. 393 Williamsburg Road, “fka” Ashfield Road. $1

Edward W. Matus, Federal National Mortgage Association by attorney, Orlans, PC, Attorney, to Federal National Mortgage Association, (Fannie Mae). 936 South Deerfield Road. $117,200


Diane M. Lilly Revocable Trust, Diane M. Lilly, Trustee, to Trademark at Sugarloaf, LLC. 102 Sugarloaf St., 104 Sugarloaf St., and Sunderland Road. $265,000

Steven M. Grybko, of Dunnellon, Fla., Gregory A. Grybko, of Citrus Springs, Fla., Shirley A. Clark of Readsboro, Vt., and Dorothy H. Rosario, of Royal Palm Beach, Fla., to John G. Savage Realty Corp. Wells Cross Road & Mill Village Road. $63,000

Shirley A. Clark, Gregory A. Grybko, Steven M. Grybko, and Dorothy H. Rosario, to John G. Savage Realty Corporation. Mill Village Road. $225,000

Shirley A. Clark, Gregory A. Grybko, Steven M. Grybko, and Dorothy H. Rosario, to John G. Savage Realty Corporation. North Hillside Road. $10,000

Shirley A. Clark, Gregory A. Grybko, Steven M. Grybko, and Dorothy H. Rosario, to John G. Savage Realty Corporation. Mill Village Road. $5,000

Shirley A. Clark, Gregory A. Grybko, Steven M. Grybko, and Dorothy H. Rosario, to John G. Savage Realty Corporation. Mill Village Road, Assessors Map. $34,000

Alfred Dray and Elaine A. Dray, to Bement School Inc. Old Ferry Road. $75,000

Andrew M. Fisher & Gary C. Fisher of Huntingdon Valley, Pa., Benjamin D. Fisher and David J. Fisher of Charleston, S.C., and Michael M. Fisher of South Hadley, to John E. Davis. 555 River Road. $159,900


Joshua M. Johnson and Tina M. Johnson, to Joshua M. Johnson. 44 North St. $1


Sebastian J. Ruggeri Estate, Sebastian John Ruggeri Estate, of Averill Park, N.Y., Christine R. Lincoln, Administrator and Personal Representative, Ann M. Hall and Laurie Gemmell, “fka” Laurie D’Apice, of Fort Myers, Fla., to Greenfield Community College Foundation Inc. College Drive. $35,000

Daniel J. Hall, of Westminster and Theresa L. Holmes, to Elinor Janvrin, of Montague and Suzann Janvrin, of Los Angeles, Calif. 91 Montague City Road. $135,000

Myra Tucker Trust, of New Jersey, Gordon T. Kent, of Keene, N.H., and Cheryl Ann Griffin, Trustees, to Patrick Varner and Patricia Wills, of Montague. 234 High St. $159,000

James A. Hazel, to James A. Hazel and Dennise M. Hazel. 86 Meridian St. $1

Bruno Investment Trust, of Gill, Marjorie H. Bruno, Trustee, Angelo C. Bruno Jr., by attorney, Thomas P. Bruno, of Shutesbury, individually and attorney, to Patrick Cote and Kelsie Cote. 31 Cedar St. $144,000

Layne V. Floyd, of Montague, to Michael A. Cignoni and Mark A. Cignoni, of Brewster. 22 Arch St. $99,800

Mathew C. Beaudoin and Nadya Beaudoin, to Mathew C. Beaudoin and Nadya Beaudoin. 30 Warner St. $1

Carl T. Hoynoski II and Jodi A. Hoynoski of Gill, to Nathaniel DesRoches and Angelica DesRoches. 1003 Bernardston Road. $167,500

Randall G. Hansis and Roma V. Hansis, to Randall G. Hansis Investment Trust, Randall G. Hansis, Trustee, and Roma V. Hansis Investment Trust, Roma V. Hansis, Trustee. 48 Oak Hill Acres. $1

Lee A. Skiffington and Sarah L. Skiffington, by Federal National Mortgage Association, by attorney, Orlans, PC, Attorney, to Paul T. Plante, of Heath. 43 Harrison Ave. $109,000


Christal Cutler, of Montague, to Susan B. Lloyd, of Northfield. 118 Long Plain Road. $214,250


Nancy Ann Faller, to Irrevocable Trust of 2017, Nancy Ann Faller, Trustee. 93 K St. Less than $100

Harold L. Parent Estate, Noreen P. Browning, Personal Representative to Patricia A. Sokoloski, of Augusta, Maine, and Noreen P. Browning. 4 Wentworth Ave. No Consideration

Noreen P. Browning and Patricia A. Sokoloski, to Noreen P. Browning, and James R. Browning Jr. 4 Wentworth Ave. $1

Henry Komosa, of Deerfield, to Christopher K. Newman. 10 Gunn Road. $328,000

Cecile B. LaMountain, to LaMountain Investment Trust, Cecile B. LaMountain, Trustee. 9 Spring St. $1


Christina M. Flynn, of Pensacola, Fla., to Jennifer C. Coleman, of Gill. 68 Captain Beers Plain Road. $175,000

Dawn A. Clark and Herman W. Clark, to Amanda L. Knox, of Erving. 447 Millers Falls Road. $221,000

Hanrahan Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, Michael J. Hanrahan, Trustee, to Peter Moretti and Bonnie Moretti. 438 Millers Falls Road. $165,000

Jillian L. Prunier, to Prunier Investment Trust, Jillian L. Prunier, Trustee. 917 Millers Falls Road. $1


CitiMortgage Inc., of O’Fallon, Mo., to USA Veterans Affairs, of Nashville, Tenn. 69 Prescott Lane. Just $10.

Deven L. Hussey, “fka” Deven L. Vautour, of Athol, to Jason P. Vautour. 27 Sandrah Drive. $1

JPMorgan Chase Bank, NA, of Columbus, Ohio, to Jamie Lamie. 120 East Road. $98,500

Tracy A. Clarke, and Diane Pond, “aka” Diane C. Pond, to Barbara A. Schneller, of Charlotte, N.C., Kelcie A. Hillard and Erica A. Goulding. 335 North Main St. $204,000

CitiMortgage, Inc. of O’Fallon, Mo., to USA, Housing and Urban Development, of Oklahoma City, Okla. 56 Shelter St. $1

David T. Frye and Dorothy A. Frye, to Charles D. Anderson III, and Sherry L. Anderson. Holtshire Road. $45,000

Willard J. Chase of Warwick, to Apple Orchard Trust, Kathleen Howard, Trustee, of Ashland. Mechanic St. $1

James P. Gebo and Olivia L. Gebo, to Michael J. Verock and Mary Louise Verock. 526 South Main St. $185,000

Verne Goldsher, of Harvard, to James P. Gebo and Olivia L. Gebo. 161 Drew Boulevard. $259,900

Susan Ploof, to Susan P. Ploof and Tara M. Seney. 31 Pleasant St. $1

Cheri Murray to Michael F. Murray. 347 East River St. $1

Debra A. Eastman, of New Salem, Pamela E. Harris, of Salem, Larry J. Hurlburt and Randy S. Hurlburt, to Cherish Ann Eastman. 25 Fairman Road. $200,000


Dennis Humbert and Anna J. Humbert, “aka” Anna Jean Humbert, to Anna J. Humbert, “aka” Anna Jean Humbert. 530 Tunnel Road. Less than $100

Anna J. Humbert, to Anna J. Humbert Trust, Anna J. Humbert, and Dennis A. Humbert, Trustees. 530 Tunnel Road. Less than $100


Richard F. Converse and Claire A. Converse to Converse Investment Trust, Richard F. Converse and Claire A. Converse, Trustees. 163 Old Greenfield Road. $1


Edward M. Cahill, “aka” Edward N. Cahill, of Shelburne Falls and Alison L. Cahill, to Nancy Perry Shinn, of South Rockledge, Fla.. 86 Main St. (the town was not listed in the land transfers). $280,000


Nicholas Yarmac and Sandra Yarmac of Wilbraham, to Nicholas Matthew Yarmac, of Brooklyn, N.Y., and Jean Mittler, of Granby. Wyola Drive. Just $100


Charles E. Lisowski and Denise M. LaPlante, to Adam J. Hemingway and Emily L. Hemingway. 212 Old Winchester Road. $212,500


Elizabeth G. Atkins, of South Hadley, to Brian Flynn and Rebecca Kuzdzal, of Hatfield. Egypt Road, Lot 2. $94,900

Richard F. Thayer and Walter R. Thayer Jr., to Marc-Alan LaBreque and Joanne M. LaBreque. Egypt Road, Lot C. $160,000