Real Estate/Changing Hands, Dec. 8, 2017

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Justin S. Houle, of Athol, to Douglas J. Flagg. 163 Turners Falls Road. $1


Wayne Ruggera “aka” Wayne A. Ruggera, to Ruggera Investment Trust, Wayne A. Ruggera, Trustee. 373 Hart Road. $1


Francis Murphy Estate, of Vernon, Vt., and Robert Murphy, Personal Representative, to Julieanne Murphy. 145 Upper Road. No Consideration


Joseph C. Reed and Monica M. Reed, to Joseph C. Reed Jr. 4 Mechanic St. $90,000

Arthur A. Kaczenski II, & Amanda L. Knox, “fka” Amanda L. Kaczenski, to Arthur A. Kaczenski II. 3 Rose Lane. $1


Carmen McCloud to Aaron A. McCloud and Lindsey R. McCloud. 30A Phyllis Lane. $297,000

Edward A. Winseck and Maureen T. Winseck, to Thomas J. Meshako and Mary Ann Meshako, of Hatfield. 714 Colrain Road. $345,000

Joanne L. Galipault, of New Port Richey, Fla., Richard J. Galipault of Trinity, Fla., William J. Galipault, of Placenta, Calif., Susan M. Mattei, “aka” Susan G. Mattei & Catherine E. Sokolosky, of Shelburne, and James L. Galipault and Elizabeth A. Burden, to Jay Brooks. 102 Countryside. $191,500

Luke Strzegowski and Christine Pennypacker, to Keith Thomas Rollinson and Maria Anna Jansen Rollinson, of Roslindale. 56 Shattuck St. $234,000

Donald Gerald Little Estate “aka” Donald G. Little Estate, and Dustin J. Little, Personal Representative, to Dustin J. Little, of Roswell, Ga. 539 Country Club Road. No Consideration

Thomas W. Smith, to Sean M. Paper, of Florence. 16 Coolidge Ave. $175,000

Colleen M. Devlin and Kimberly J. Nicholais, to Margo P. Jones. 32 Long Ave. $174,000

Robert N. Richardson, of Derby, Vt., and Sally T. Richardson, to R. Thomas Boutelle and Jessica L. Jensen. 416 Leyden Road. $169,000

Bowen Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, of Bernardston, Sandra J. Kruk, Trustee, to Jacob D. Skalski, of Deerfield. 34 Gold St. $126,000


Jerry S. Lund and Sarah A. Kemble, to Sarah A. Kemble Declaration of Trust, Sarah A. Kemble and Jerry S. Lund, Trustees. 30 Simon Keets Road. $1


Adrian Kuzontkoski, to Adrian Kuzontkoski and Jennifer Whipple. 209 Turners Falls Road. $1

Peter Hoffman and Heather Batchelor of Salt Lake City, Utah, to Gary S. Reich and Christina L. Reich. 95 Federal St. $221,600


Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Trustee, by attorney, IMPAC Funding Corporation, Attorney, to Pinnacle Capital LLC. 90 Memorial Drive. $65,000

Brian A. Gillis, David A. Gillis, and Jeanne M. Lucier, to Loren Scott and Yvonne Scott. 58 Dewey Conrad Ave. $179,000

Allen E. Chalifoux and Donna M. Chalifoux, to Allen E. Chalifoux. 441 Tully Road. $1

Honey Farms, Inc., of Worcester, to HF Liquidation, LLC, of Worcester. 10 East River St. Less than $100.

Randal A. Lefrancois and Brenda L. Lefrancois, to Wayne D. Whitmore. 461 East River St. $57,000

Fannie Mae, by attorney “aka” Federal National Mortgage Association, of Texas, by attorney, Orlans, PC, Attorney, to Patrick E. O’Neil, of Belchertown. 300 East Main St. $64,000

Andrew C. Lewis, of Athol, to Mark Emmett and Debra Emmett. 229 East River St. $22,500

Richard C. Blanchflower Sr., of Leominster, to Emily Rose Parker. 26 Bartlett Lane. $279,000


Edward R. Nouryan, of Lido Breach, N.Y., to Sidney Gerard. 462 Little Mohawk Road. $335,000


Thomas F. Mitchell, to Kurt J. Marchl and Kerry E. Ratigan, of Amherst. 134 Leonard Road. $270,000

David E. Oprava and Catherine J. Oprava, of Canon, Cardiff, United Kingdom, to Jennifer Lea McCollum, of Greenfield. 14 Great Pines Drive. $144,500


Ralph H. Pomeroy Jr., Beverly Mason, Jane E. Kaminskas and Francis J. Kaminskas, to JELB Properties, LLC. 154 North Main St. $370,000


Victoria L. Shaw, of Orange, to Town of Warwick, and Warwick Town Forest Committee. Wendell Road. $84,300


Pioneer Valley Redevelopers LLC to Robert OBear. 59 River Road. $80,000 Robert OBear to Eds Enterprises LLC. 59 River Road. No consideration

Thomas J. Korytoski and Janet E. Korytoski, to Luke Strzegowski and Christine Pennypacker, of Greenfield. 39 Laurel Mountain Road. $517,300