Erving mulling a new town website

For The Recorder
Tuesday, February 13, 2018

ERVING — The town is considering a new website.

Administrative coordinator Bryan Smith recently presented the Selectboard with sample websites from two possible vendors, Virtual Town Hall and Montague Webworks. The town’s current website was created eight years ago and no longer meets the needs of its departments, according to officials. The Selectboard is considering upgrading its IT Department, and a new website would help streamline services.

Smith said department heads were surveyed and came up with a list of services. He showed websites from Northfield and Athol, which are using Virtual Town Hall, and Greenfield and Montague, which are using Montague Webworks. He said both could meet Erving’s needs.

The difference between vendors comes down to style, price, experience and future growth.

Library director Barbara Friedman said she prefers Virtual Town Hall because of the e-card services, online application forms and ability to customize to her department needs.

Other department heads supported Virtual Town Hall for its intuitive design and ease for department heads to upload information in a timely manner. Scott Bastarache said he leans toward Virtual Town Hall, saying even if it costs more, you know what you are getting.

Chairman Jake Smith said while he would prefer to shop locally, Virtual Town Hall has a more polished look and feel and more of what Erving is looking for.