Whately gets big tax surcharge match from state

Recorder Staff
Tuesday, December 19, 2017

WHATELY — The state has awarded an 87 percent match, for a total of $70,679, to the town’s Community Preservation Act funds raised through a tax surcharge this past year.

“Only six other towns statewide received more than an 85 percent match,” says a message posted by the Community Preservation Committee on the town’s website. The money will be used to preserve open space, protect historic buildings, and help pay for recreation projects.

Under the Community Preservation Act, a state law passed in 2000, local funds raised by a voter-authorized surcharge on property taxes are matched by state funds. The money can only be used for projects that preserve the town’s character.

“Our CPA dollars leverage a lot of additional outside money, above and beyond the state match,” the statement says.

Since voters signed on to the CPA program, a decade or so after the state law was passed, Whately has received about $2.5 million in annual percentage funding, state grants and private donations. The state has matched $318,000 of local CPA funds.

Elsewhere in the state, the CPA match percentage for towns with less than a 3 percent surcharge was 17.2 percent, and the average for all communities was 25 percent.