Following hiatus, Vermont Yankee resumes fuel storage move

  • Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station on the Connecticut River in Vernon, Vt. AP file photo

Recorder Staff  
Monday, May 07, 2018

VERNON, Vt. — After a two-month hiatus in moving highly radioactive fuel from the spent fuel pool at the shutdown Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, the company’s dry fuel storage campaign has resumed.

Entergy Vermont Yankee remains on track to complete transfer to the on-site Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation, with Cask 44 placed on the dry cask storage pad Friday.

If there are no further significant delays or work stoppages, according to Joseph R. Lynch, senior government affairs manager for decommissioning at Entergy Vermont Yankee, the transfer will be completed by the end of September with 58 casks in place.

The campaign was halted March 10 after Cask 43 was transferred to the storage pad because Entergy was made aware of loose “bolts” on Holtec storage canisters at another nuclear facility that are of a similar design to those used at the Vernon site. Detailed inspections and engineering analyses by Entergy and Holtec confirmed the issue discovered at the other nuclear facility had not been found at Vermont Yankee.

According to Corey Daniels, decommissioning director at the plant, “The term ‘bolts’ may be a little misleading. It’s not a fastener that holds two components together. They are just small threaded posts that connect to the bottom of shims in the canister of the cask to create space between the shims and the bottom of the canister.”

Transfer by the end of 2018 is a precondition of planned sale of Vermont Yankee to NorthStar Group Services to move toward decommissioning.