Gill-Montague district creates mascot task force

  • Turners Falls High School is looking for a new mascot. RECORDER file photo

Recorder Staff
Thursday, September 14, 2017

TURNERS FALLS — Want to help chose the next mascot at Turners Falls High School? The Gill-Montague Regional School Committee has formalized its task force and is looking for members.

The task force will have up to 19 people on it: Three Turners Falls High School staff members, eight students, two alumni, and three community members from Montague, two from Gill, and one from Erving.

Those interested in participating can email the school committee, using the “send us a message” button on the homepage of gmrsd.org, or they can call the general office at 413-863-9324. Requests to join the committee are due by Oct. 3 and the task force members will be finalized during the School Committee’s Oct. 10 meeting.

During their meeting on Tuesday night, the School Committee finalized most of what the task force would be charged with doing. The task force will have four steps, or phases, of work. They will collect submissions for the new mascot, measure those to make sure they meet the criteria set by the School Committee, internally select up to three finalists and then organize a vote among the school and wider community.

The process would include one check in with the community to essentially double check that all of the criteria are met before the submissions get to the finalist stage.

The School Committee legally has to approve of any funds or spaces used for a possible vote. They will also have to take a vote to adopt the selection made by the community during the vote, something the board has referred to as a formality or rubber stamp.

The board had previously ironed out many details of what the task force would look like, but the suggestion to specifically add alumni came during this week’s meeting. Jane Oakes, vice chairwoman of the committee, said it had been suggested to her and she brought it to the board.

The board was in near consensus about the idea, considering that those who may apply to the task force as community members may not be alumni, and some alumni still live in the region, but aren’t residents of Gill, Montague or Erving.

Student members of the board, two each from grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 will be selected within the school and also be chosen ahead of the Oct. 10 meeting.