Real Estate Transactions: Sept. 18, 2020

Published: 9/17/2020 12:22:10 PM
Modified: 9/17/2020 12:22:00 PM

Lorraine C. Zamojski and Steven E. Zamojski to Kimberley A. Chagnon and William M. Chagnon. 349 John March Road. $350,000.


Rhonda Keith and Michael Bellieveau to James H. Wilson and Donna Daley. 911 Conant Road. $240,000.

FNMA to Shaucong Huang. 93 D St. $129,000.

Brenda A. Piro and Leo L. Piro III to Edward L. Mahoney and Amber Mahoney. Island 1 Lake Ellis. $210,000.

Joshua E. Cormier and Katherine E. Cormier to Reggie Strickland. 125 Lincoln Ave. $240,000.

Linda M. Testagrossa to Marcelo Rocha. 1764 Pleasant St. $270,000.

Anne F. Gatautis and Robert J. Gatautis to David J. Gatautis. 334 South Main St. $111,900.

Allen C. Gauthier Sr. to Thomas R. Hagelberg. Twichell Street. $4,900.


Michael J. Kittredge III to Kittredge Industries LLC. 244 South St. $1.


Jodi L. Dean to Dean Investment Trust, Jodi L. Dean, trustee. 1605, 1623 and 1645 Mohawk Trail. $1.

Betsy J. Burnham “aka” Betsey J. Burnham to Jay W. Burnham and Joshua D. Burnham. 15 Mountain View Drive. No consideration.


Michael J. Scranton 2018 Revocable Trust, Michael J. Scranton, trustee, to Michael J. Scranton 2018 Revocable Trust, Michael J. Scranton, trustee. 109 Shelburne Line Road. $1.

Bradley B. Brigham to Jocelyn R. Demuth. 30 Jacksonville Road. $360,000.

Melinda A. Dyer “aka” Melinda A. Herzig to Melinda A. Herzig. 11 Main Road. $1.


Vicki L. Martin to Jill B. Craig and Timothy M. Craig. Hart Road. $73,000.


Linda J. Haselton to Glenn D. Hine and Sarah L. Hine. 93 High St. $242,000.


Daniel J. Trenholm to Daniel J. Trenholm Revocable Family Trust, Daniel J. Trenholm, trustee. 13 Trenholm Way. $1.

Daniel J. Trenholm to Daniel J. Trenholm Revocable Family Trust, Daniel J. Trenholm, trustee. Route 2. $1.


Lloyd C. Green Estate, Mildred E. Green, individually and personal representative, to Green & Green LLC. 38 Haywood St. $650,000.

Thierry A. Borcy to Heather A. Borcy. 45 Linden Ave. $1.

Ricky A. Parker and Jean W. Wall to Jennifer C. Chibani and Yanis S. Chibani. 40 High St. $411,956.

Annette T. Jeronczyk to Annette T. Jeronczyk Trust, Annette T. Jeronczyk, trustee. 330 Log Plain Road. $1.

Marcus E. Cohn to MECPC LLC. 176 to 186 Main St. $1.

Linda K. Morgan to Bryant Timothy Morgan and Linda K. Morgan. 74 Cleveland St. No consideration.


Cynthia Beaudoin “aka” Cynthia L. Beaudoin and Gary R. Beaudoin to Erica R. Boucher and Nicole E. Boucher. 12 to 14 Tepee Lane. $18,000.

David Whalen and Lisa A. Whalen to Judith M. Hartwig and Paul J. Hartwig. 478 Route 8A. $225,000.


Joseph A. Corso and Karen K. Corso to Joseph A. Corso II. 148 Main St. $1.

Linda Curtis “aka” Linda L. Curtis to George M. Gillispie Jr. West Chestnut Hill Road. $1.

Kim Hastings/Kim M. Wickline to Scott Christopher Conant and Jasmine Louise Smith. 227 Turnpike Road. $226,000.

George M. Gillispie Jr. to Alison Brule and William Brule. West Chestnut Hill Road. $85,000.

Beverly J. Dubreuil to Ave A. Hutcheson. 2 Emond Ave. $221,000.


Blast-Tech Inc. to Christopher E. Salem. Lovers Lane. $125,000.

Jennifer E. Barilone, Cathleen E. Dodge, Jason M. Dodge and Joshua L. Dodge to Jennifer Berry. 16 Ellis Drive. $299,000.


Paul F. Simpson to William Labombard. 12 Parker Ave. $25,000.

Labombard Investment Trust, Donna L. Labombard and William W. Labombard, trustees, to William Labombard “aka” William W. Labombard. 12 Parker Ave. $1.


Colin R. Hutt to Amanda R. Grubbs and Daniel Grubbs. 91 Harrison Ave. $170,000.

Ruie L. Hall to Philip E. Lowder. 180 Hayden St. $167,000.

Albert J. Mailloux and Patricia A. Mailloux to Albert J. Mailloux Jr., Mark J. Mailloux, Robert J. Mailloux and Wayne J. Mailloux. 112 Brookside Road. $1.

Charlotte N. Parsons, by attorney, Dennis A. Parsons, individually and attorney, to Dennis A. Parsons. 10 Lincoln Ave. $1.


Andriski Land Trust and Stanley E. Andriski Jr. to Jeannine Wingert. 111 West Road. $112,500.


Stephen Cadarette to Darlene E. Barbeau and Julie A. Moran. 11 Hazelton Road. $149,900.


Chester Rogers and Gina L. Williams to Beth Ann Rose Bezio and Fred Bezio. 259 Main St. $450,000.

Jeffrey B. Barden to Jillian A. Haas and Justin T. Slysz. 55 Shelburne Center Road. $510,000.

Ellen M. Brezinski and Thomas E. Brezinski to Dixieland At Breezy Acres Realty Trust, Ellen M. Brezinski and Thomas E. Brezinski, trustees. 55 Guy Manners Road. $1.


John J. Gurman-Wangh and Marina R. Gurman-Wangh to Debra S. Gora. 45 Pratt Corner Road. $189,200.


Mary Ellen Ahearn, Robert T. Ahearn and Cindy Lee Benjamin “aka” Cindy L. Hubbard to Jeffrey B. Hubbard. Russell Street. $1.

Mary Ellen Ahearn, Robert T. Ahearn and Cindy Lee Benjamin “aka” Cindy L. Hubbard to Mary Ellen Ahearn, Jeffrey B. Hubbard and Joseph J. Hubbard. Russell Street. $1.


Michael Gordon “aka” Michael J. Gordon and Susan Gordon to Christopher S. Tero Jr. 10 Posk Place Road. $151,900.

Kristina A. Stinson to Sarah Suzanne Pugh and Sarah C. Turner. 66 West St. $412,500.

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