Real Estate Transactions: Oct. 23, 2020

Published: 10/22/2020 2:54:54 PM

Jeremy D. Erdman to John Brzozwski and Robin Brzozwski. 84 Marble St. $204,750.

John Boudreau to Jean V. Cetoute. 272 Mount Pleasant St. $314,000.

Lynne Burns to James Cowley. 76 Prospect St. $220,000.

John F. Colby and Stephanie R. Colby to Robert F. Carey and Mathew White. 23 Stonehaven Drive. $445,000.

Sherry Berube and Charles B. Berube to Robert A. Arsenault and Sharon M. Arsenault. 207 Wellington St. $180,000.


Beverly A. Dwight, Eugene A. Dwight, Michelle Dwight “aka” Michelle Stephens and Karen Elaine Morgan to Cassandra L. Wilder and Jack E. Wilder Jr. 120 Northfield Road. $192,800.

Inna Falceanu and Veaceslav Falceanu to Aleksandr Y. Komerzan. Merrifield Road. $80,000.


Conway Street Realty LLC to Brian Koshinsky. 26 Conway St. $236,000.

Lurena M. Parker Estate and Floyd A. Parker to Sandra A. Herzig. 16 East Buckland Road. $1.


Gavin M. Earle, Ilyza S. Earle and Susan L. Mann to Gavin M. Earle, Ilyza S. Earle, Susan L. Mann and Alex H. McKusick. 164 Main St. $10,000.

Craig S. Rice to Daniel F. Graves. 116 and 166 Main St. $1.

Daniel F. Graves to Craig S. Rice and Dana L. Rice. 116 and 166 Main St. $1.


Charlotte M. Rae, Shirley J. Ryan and Chris P. Trewhella to Christopher Rodgers, Zoe Ruhf “aka” Zoe Lindstrom Ruhf. 135 East Colrain Road. $227,000.


Alice Joyce Maslanka Estate “aka” Alice J. Maslanka Estate, Alison Maslanka, personal representative and individually, to Benegan 2 LLC. 20 Pratt St. $60,000.


Gary E. Parzych to Timothy P. Meyer. 179 Main Road. $242,000.

Paul D. Vassar to Nicholette J. Vassar and Paul D. Vassar. 45 Vassar Way. $1.


Charles M. Cohn Irrevocable Trust, Charles M. Cohn Revocable Trust, William Julian II “aka” William Julian and Elizabeth Sinnigen, trustees, and Robert S. Cohn and Susan J. Doran to Franklin & Main LLC. Main Street Lot A and 170 to 186 Main St. $325,700.

Daniela Iavorschi and Mihail Iavorschi to Brady P. McCloud and Zachary D. McCloud. 6 to 8 Park Ave. $288,500.

Diane Kelley “aka” Diane Kelley Stratton and Glen A. Stratton to Jedidiah Giard and Devon Lucier. 33 Newell Pond Road. $275,000.

Merlene Jan Brandt, Jaimye Sue Ingraham, Merlene Ingraham and Colleen Rae Letourneau to Adom C. Balcom and Justine Rule. 36 Leyden Road. $280,000.

Linda M. Kaeppel and Samuel H. Kaeppel to Otniel Cojan and Liuba Sinigur. Log Plain Road. $72,400.

Katherine M. Merrigan and Patrick J. Merrigan to George Edwards and Louisa J. Edwards. 37 Brookside Ave. $270,000.

Carole A. Lemay to Katherine M. Merrigan and Patrick J. Merrigan. 216 Green River Road. $350,000.


Paula M. Nassif and Glenn Wong to Wong Family Arizona Realty Trust, Glenn M. Wong, trustee. 15 Drummer Hill Road. $1.


Wayne Charles Smith to Karen J. Smith and Wayne Charles Smith. 31 Davis Road. No consideration.


JLM Builders Inc. to Patricia M. Archambault and Ryan M. Archambault. Bernardo Drive. $43,750.

Bryna R. Ziobro to Tegin Leigh Teich. 74 Dry Hill Road. $250,000.

Abdias Garcia and Amber Garcia to Amie M. Keddy. 71 Turnpike Road. $375,000.


Kathleen Galluzzo to Anthony J. Galluzzo and Kathleen Galluzzo. 24 Hidden Pond Lane. $1.

William LaBombard to Daniel James O’Brien and Morgan Leigh Suddeth. 12A Parker Ave., Unit 1, Harmony Lodge Condos of Northfield. $239,000.

Lynn M. Mancha to Lynn M. Mancha Revocable Trust, Lynn M. Mancha, trustee. 109 Hinsdale Road. $1.

Jeffrey Loomis “aka” Jeffrey S. Loomis and Judith Bliss Loomis to Loomis Investment Trust, Judith Bliss Loomis and Jeffrey Loomis, trustees. 166 Main St. $1.

Amy K. Hildenbrand to Jill Price Marshall and Keith Marshall. 177 Main St. $327,500.


Cati M. Morse and Michael G. Morse to Michael G. Morse. 17 Main St. $5,000.

Jason Yates to Daniel F. Graves. 270 Wheeler Road. $1.

Daniel F. Graves to Jennifer Mary Doyle and Jason Yates. 270 Wheeler Road. $1.

Nancy E. Cody and Patrick J. Cody to Nancy June Cody. 225 Walnut Hill Road. $200,000.


Douglas L. Cameron to Michael W. Serra. Monson Turnpike Road. $60,000.

Blast-Tech Inc. to Jeffrey W. Ammons and Karen Ammons. 148 Popple Camp Road. $432,818.

William N. Bowley Trust, William N. Bowley, trustee, to Joseph P. Martin and Joyce A. Martin. 26 South Main St. $310,000.

Michael W. Serra to Sarah Aubuchon. 217 West Road. $231,000.


Irene J. Pervier to Ashoryn LLC. 165 Queen Lake Road. $43,000.


Joseph P. Martin and Joyce A. Martin to Steven T. Bellabarba and Stacey A. Bellabarba. 310 Athol Richmond Road. $350,000.

US Bank NA Trust to Charles D. Chaloult. 9 Frye Hill Road. $97,500.


Anthony P. Hall and Jayme A. Winell to Anthony P. Hall. 241 Barnard Road. $12,000.


James J. Toth to Daniel Salls. 248 South Silver Lane/248 Silver Lane. $220,000.

Kevin B. Kohler to Todd E. Fruth and Mariah T. Lapiroff. 180 Hadley Road. $342,500.

Timothy F. Markowski to Michael Andrew Case and Katherine Rose Nocera. 491 Hadley Road. $437,500.

Jason M. Kicza to JELB Properties LLC. 31 Garage Road. $1.


Dennis C. King to Elaine Sednek and Johan Sednek. 41 Orange Road. $80,000.


Stanley F. Powers to Devon Cody Powers. 74 Webber Road. $1.

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