Real Estate Transactions: Nov. 27, 2020

Published: 11/26/2020 8:24:21 AM

David C. Peterson Estate and David C. Peterson II to Timothy J. Peck. 3185 Chestnut Hill Ave. $287,000.

Michael J. Reeves Jr. and Katherine W. Reeves to Colleen M. Taylor and Karl R. Taylor. 56 Jeanne Drive. $359,900.

Paul H. Landry Jr. and Jennifer L. Landry to Brittany Lindquist-Hunt. 86 King Road. $305,000.

Robert Cote and Alexandra Ruths to S.J. Moyen-Vonrosenving. 154 Lake Ellis Road. $199,000.

Stacey Bellabarba and Steven T. Bellabarba to Jacklyn Mejias. 63 Shore Drive. $251,000.


David Slocum, Donald Slocum, George Slocum Jr. and Christina Slocum-Wysk to Diana Kocot and Paul Kocot. 31 West Road. $283,800.

Fisher Investment Trust, Merton E. Fisher, trustee, to Kathleen M. Chilik and Eric L. Fiske. 74 West Mountain Road. $249,000.

Frank R. Stumpo II and Holly K. Stumpo to Holly K. Stumpo. 109 Bald Mountain Road. No consideration.


Robin L. Coburn to Robin L. Coburn Investment Trust, Robin L. Coburn, trustee. 30 East Buckland Road. $1.

Paul M. Coburn and Robin L. Coburn to Paul M. Coburn Investment Trust, Paul M. Coburn, trustee, and Robin L. Coburn Investment Trust, Robin L. Coburn, trustee. 18 East Buckland Road and Hog Hollow Road. $1.


Paul M. Coburn to Herbert D. Coburn and Luan R. Griswald. 746 Tea St. $1.

Molly Gillingham “aka” Molly Scott to John H. Sargent Trust, John H. Sargent, trustee. Warner Hill Road. (Property also in Rowe.) $226,000.

John H. Sargent to John H. Sargent Trust, John H. Sargent, trustee. Warner Hill Road. $1.


William C. Cole to Casey Michael Peters and Sonja Marie Peters. 43 Stetson Brothers Road. $302,000.


Mary R. Holland to Elissa M. Terrell. 7A Duncan Drive, Unit 8, Meadows of Deerfield Condominium. $1.

Irene M. Baronas to Jonathan Galenski and Justin Galenski. 97 North Main St. $219,900.

Joseph A. Turchetti to Florence C. Turchetti. 110 Sand Gully Road. $1.

Gloria S. Eugin and Michael R. Eugin to Eugin Investment Trust, Gloria S. Eugin and Michael R. Eugin, trustees. 135 Sand Gully Road. $1.

Elissa M. Terrell to Nancy A. Robie and Paul H. Robie. 7A Duncan Drive, Unit 8, Meadows of Deerfield Condominium. $216,900.


Lois A. Lively to Sanford Cluett and Megan R. Thompson. 35 High St. $171,000.


Gail J. Shea to Zachary B. Podhorzer and Alyssa L. Valbona. 70 Riddell St. $280,000.

Valerie J. Rowell to Ovidiu Nikita. 243 to 245 Wells St. $154,000.

Rudolph A. Konieczny Jr. Investment Trust, Rudolph A. Konieczny Jr., trustee, and Mary B. Konieczny Investment Trust, Mary B. Konieczny, trustee, to Emily Bassarear and Christian D. Johansen. 79 Birch St. $237,000.

Cynthia A. Morey to Cynthia A. Morey and Thomas P. Salter. 2 Birch St. $1.

Maureen Forrestall “aka” Maureen Newell and Ray E. Newell to Amy Anderson. 56 Freeman Drive. $210,000.

Susan M. Cassidy to Lorralyn Fitzgerald. 185 Briar Way, Unit 2E, Briar Knoll Townhouse Condominium. $189,000.


Eileen Hansen to Carol Nelson and David Nelson. Colrain Brook Road/Teepee Lane. $30,000.


Gerald B. Hosley Jr. and Margaret E. Westwell to Hosley-Westwell Irrevocable Trust, Geoffrey Hosley, trustee. 52 Long Plain Road. $1.

Michael A. Wissemann to Anna J. Sloan. 10 Lead Mine Road. $1.

Karin M. Gravina Revocable Trust, Carl J. Gravina and Karin M. Gravina, trustees, to Diana S. Fried and Michael Schvarczkopf. 30 Laurel Hill Drive. $710,000.


Diana M. Kocot and Paul E. Kocot to Alexander Beroz and Shayna Kipping. 38 Keets Brook Road/38 Paige Road. $485,000.


Franklin Fontaine to Rebecca Cyganiewicz. 137 River Road. $1.

Rebecca Cyganiewicz to Donna Santos and Jack Santos. 137 River Road. $55,000.

Gail Dieter to Diann M. Noren and Diana L. Weatherby. 7 School St. $130,000.


David F. Rehorka and Michelle L. Rehorka to Rehorka Investment Trust, David F. Rehorka and Michelle L. Rehorka, trustees. 414 Turners Falls Road. $1.

James B. Koldis and Jean E. Koldis to Koldis Investment Trust, James B. Koldis and Jean E. Koldis, trustees. 18 Sunset Drive. $1.

Raymond P. Sokoloski Estate, Jean Henderson, personal representative, to Jonathan Jacob Hall. 15 L St. $35,200.

Jean Henderson, Charles Sokoloski, Tiffany Sokoloski and Walter Sokoloski Jr. to Jonathan Jacob Hall. 15 L St. $114,700.

Edward F. Wilcox III and Toni S. Wilcox to Benegan 2 LLC. 117 L St. $192,000.


Steven E. Blinder and Claire E. McGinnis to Oscar P. Lacwasan and Jenne L. McGinnis. Old County Road. $100.

Lynnette M. Goodnow to Betsey L. Vinciulla and Thomas G. Vinciulla. 219 West St. $355,000.


Norman Henry MacLeod Estate, Norman A. MacLeod, personal representative, to Pamela Ann Harty and Thomas P. Sexton III. 10 Main St. $405,000.

ARPC LLC to Ethan Mueller. 20 Athol Road. $220,350.

Roxanne Butler and Tracy Keene to Peggy Bruso. 159 West River St. $180,000.

Michael Calcari and Laurie L. Chiasson to Tyler Wayne Hauth. 92 Fountain St. $250,000.


Robin Hl Design International LLC to Dresner Financial Trust, Mark S. Dresner, trustee. 36 Oliver St. $1,050,000.


Christof Chartier to John F. Roy and Lauren M. Roy. 550 Royalston Road. $181,000.


Molly Gillingham “aka” Molly Scott to John H. Sargent Trust, John H. Sargent, trustee. Davis Mine Road. (Property also in Charlemont.) $226,000.


Joseph K. Nunes and Deborah W. Nunes to David J. Devellis and Evelyn V. Devellis. Athol Richmond Road. $26,000.


Ellis Investment Trust, Jillian R. Ellis, individually and trustee, to Ellis Investment Trust, Jillian R. Ellis, individually and trustee. 19 Main St. $1.

Jillian R. Ellis to Ellis Investment Trust, Jillian R. Ellis, trustee. 652 Patten Hill Road. $1.


Joanna Hayes to Kathryn Carey, Daniel Hayes, John J. Hayes, Kevin Hayes and Maureen Hayes Zak. Plaza Road. $1.


Mary Beth Evans and Peter T. Evans to Jessie Kathleen Berlingo. 221 Russell St. $327,700.

Barbara B. Schulze and Robert O. Schulze to Delta Sand & Gravel Inc. 6 Garage Road. $315,000.

Martin G. Marrero to James H. Campbell. 370 Montague Road, Unit H, Pond Ridge Condominium. $60,000.


Cappelluzzo-Anderson Trust, Linda A. Anderson, trustee, to Sarah Suzanne Pugh and Sarah C. Turner. West Street. $100,000.


Kim Fill to Daniel F. Graves. 1 State Road. $1.

Daniel F. Graves to Kim Fill and Robert Fill. 1 State Road. $1.

Edward J. Heon Irrevocable Trust, Christopher Heon, Daniel Heon and Pamela Smith, trustees, to Pamela Smith. 1 Sugarloaf St. Ext. No consideration.

Christopher Pollard, Douglas Pollard “aka” Douglas W. Pollard, Marie Pollard “aka” Marie E. Pollard, Sharon Pollard, Christopher C. Rose and Sharon F. Rose to Maida D. Goodwin. 179 Chestnut Plain Road. $306,000.


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