Real Estate Transactions: Nov. 13, 2020

Published: 11/12/2020 2:58:50 PM

Ellen M. Deluca and Douglas J. Kling to Andrew W. Misiaszek. 2050 Hawley Road. (Land also in Hawley.) $265,000.


Ana L. Calisiotti to Diane M. Lafond. 115 Anzio Road. $165,000.

Allen F. Deacon and Joann A. Deacon to Kevin Orzen and Debra Orzen. 130 Barrett Ave. $362,586.

Rodolpho Kotarakos to Janessa J. Butler. 742 Daniel Shays Highway, Unit 4F. $100,000.

WPS Revest LLC to William MacDonald and Tracey Macdonald. 158 Fairview Ave. $39,900.

Reynaldo Otano and Marie Otano to Kris A. Martenson. 52 Farnsworth Ave. $370,000.

Peter J. Cassinari to Lisa Hood and Justin Hood. 1865 Petersham Road. $260,000.

Mathew Roussell to New Life LLC. 64 Prospect St. $140,000.

US Bank to Ngan T. Hoang. 225 South St. $36,000.

Alan M. Coffin and Kayla Coffin to Santiago R. Sanabria Jr. 37 Wallingford Ave. $225,000.


Elizabeth J. Pearson Estate “aka” Elizabeth Joan Pearson Estate, James Carpenter, personal representative, to Aaron D. Budine. 162 Bald Mountain Road. $295,000.

Urban Veneer LLC to Ramu Penemetsa Raju and Arathi P. Rao. 55 River St. $360,000.


Wendy S. Ferris to John D. Ferris and Wendy S. Ferris. 28 Walker Road. $1.

Arthur H. Phillips and Caroline E. Phillips to Erin L. McNay and Matthew Wanamaker. 5 Wilde Road/Old State Road. $250,000.

Janice Ann Rock “aka” Janice A. Rock to Tyler Rock. 10 Gardner Falls Road. $280,000.


Gloria Joanne Beresford to William M. Milka and Anita M. Milka. 8A North St. $70,000.

Frances Mary Avery Living Trust, Dennis Carl Avery and Karen L. Hogness, trustees, to Deborah J. Dargis and Neil F. Dargis. 10 Harmony Heights. $155,000.

MKH Burnt Hill LLC to EKOORB LLC. 176 and 192 Burnt Hill Road. $2,340,000.

Gary R. Prince and Jane M. Prince to Brenda M. Sandstrom and Richard C. Sandstrom. Legate Hill Road. $21,500.


Charles G. Nessler, David Potts and Elizabeth Potts to George L. Goodridge III. Green River Road. $1.

George L. Goodridge III to Charles G. Nessler, David Potts and Elizabeth Potts. Green River Road. $1.

Luke M. Johnson to Many Properties LLC. 181 Call Road. $140,000.

David H. Tasgal Estate, Faith A. Kaufmann, personal representative, to Faith A. Kaufmann. Green River Road. No consideration.


Christiana Trust, by attorney, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, trustee by attorney, Fay Servicing LLC, attorney, to Paul Charles Vidich. 37 Williamsburg Road. $65,055.90.

Leigh Trust, Marcia C. Evans, trustee, to Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity Inc. 638 South Deerfield Road. $1.


Yan Yan and Qi Xiaoduo to George McCully. 6 North Hillside Road. $335,000.

Laurence G. St. Cyr “aka” Laurence St. Cyr, Karen A. St. Cyr “aka” Karen A. Morey “aka” Karen Morey to Jill D. Medina Elizalde and Martin A. Medina Elizalde. 6 Stage Road. $371,500.


Ruth L. Shufelt to Varun Tyagi. 7 Lester St. $28,000.


Steven D. Beckwith and Sara Girard to Casey A. Gilman. 780 Bernardston Road. $365,900.

Douglas A. Manson, individually and personal representative of the estate of Constance G. Manson, trustee of the Douglas A. Manson Irrevocable Trust, Kelley Jo Manson “fka” Kelley Jo Black, individually and personal representative of the estate of Constance G. Manson of Bernardston, Edgar J. Manson of Greenfield and Lori Jo Manson of Bernardston, to Steven H. Lepore of Turners Falls. 209 Barton Road. $180,000.

Constance G. Manson Estate, Douglas A. Manson, individually and personal representative, Kelley Jo Manson “aka” Kelley Jo Black, personal representative and individually, Edgar J. Manson and Lori Jo Manson to Douglas A. Manson Irrevocable Trust, Douglas A. Manson, trustee. Barton Road. $25,000.

Andrea M. Dennett and Lawrence R. Dennett to Marguerite Rancourt. 19 Beech St. $240,000.

Therese M. Falvey Estate “aka” Therese Marie Falvey Estate and Charles Maney, personal representative, to Annemarie Falvey. 97 Harrison Ave. $218,000.

Rachel Beran/Rachel Masson to William C. Phelps. Summer Street. $4,000.

Jessica M. Biggie to Madeleine A. Cohen, Marlene Lavelle and Dawn S. Montague. 35 Lincoln St. $312,000.

Robert J. Clancy to Maureen Linda Borg. 33 to 35 Abbott St. $220,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, by attorney, Loancare LLC, attorney, to US Housing and Urban Development. 71 Washington St. $10.

Carl W. Johnson and Harriett Wilby to Johnson Wilby Revocable Trust, Carl W. Johnson and Harriett Wilby, trustees. 5 Emily Lane, Unit 5, Birches Condominium. $1.

Parody Builders & Sons LLC to Susan Guy-Greene. 9 Davenport Way. $60,000.


Casey M. Peters and Sonja M. Peters to Ashley L. Adam and Andrew F. Graves. 124 East Hawley Road. $258,000.

Ellen M. Deluca and Douglas J. Kling to Andrew W. Misiaszek. Hawley Road. (Land also in Ashfield.) $265,000.


Francine C. Kirley to David Hornstein and Joan Schaffner. 177 Cave Hill Road. $351,000.


Alice R. Klingener to Kyle D. Baker. 298 Brattleboro Road $252,750.

Kristin Z. Kellom Damon and Mitchell R. Damon to Elizabeth Emery. 189 Eden Trail. $1.

Elizabeth Emery to Robert J. Reilly and Sarah J. Reilly. 189 Eden Trail. $367,000.


Jonathan B. Scully and Jennifer L. Watkins to Kathleen McCarrick Fagan. 25 Montague St. $265,000.

Debra J. Holmes to Tracy L. Canon and Debra J. Holmes. 156 Millers Falls Road. $1.

Steven W. Dejnak Jr. to James Slowinski and Nicole Slowinski. N Street. $18,500.

Stephen E. Shea to Christine A. Shea and Stephen E. Shea. 26 Walnut St., Unit 902, Walnut Street Condominium. $1.


Lisa M. Jean to Karmen Jianwen Wu. 13 Daniel Shays Highway. $316,000.


ALWS LLC to Eleanor M. Demont and Paul G. Morse. 20 Main St. $355,000.


John Dunphy to Athol Credit Union. 85 East Main St. $163,800.

Frances D. Hadsel to Natasha C. Kulisanski and Jason R. Langille. 36 Highland St. $172,000.

Wayne Whitmore to Angela Prescott and Nicholas Prescott. 30 Whitney St. $140,000.

Marcia A. Connors to Chelsea Amaru and Salvatore Amaru Jr. 105 East Main St. $174,000.

Stephen J. Oliver to Autumn Jo Maynard. 43 Cottage St. $166,000.


Royston T. Booker and Leigh Burnett to Sotirios Stolakis and Emma Stolakis. 4 Pine Meadow Road. $365,000.

Blast-Tech Inc. to Jillian Rocha. 45 Secret Lake Road. $407,000.


Stephen F. Chase and Elizabeth Gospodarek to Peter J. Cassinari and Elisabeth Cassinari. 10 South Royalston Road. $306,500.


Kathryn A. Stevens to John C. Stevens and Kathryn A. Stevens. 535B Mohawk Trail and 11 Gould Road. $1.

Kimberly A. Farrar and Peter G. Farrar to Brian D. Godin and Kimberly Godin. 313 Colrain Shelburne Road. $350,000.

Jenny New Revocable Trust, Jenny New and Jenny Jackson, trustees, to Paul R. Bennett and Maya Winfrey. 99 to 101 Main St. $385,000.


Paul Roud “aka” Paul C. Roud to Jacob Eli Messier and Nicole T. Messier. 250 West Pelham Road. $440,000.


Chanthava Chanthavong to Robert L. Hesseltine Family Trust, Robert L. Hesseltine, trustee. 146 Old Amherst Road. $250,000.

Donald S. Mathison Trust Agreement, Douglas C. Mathison “aka” Douglas Mathison, trustee, to Nina Paige Dodge and Andrew Robert Garlo. 36 Reservoir Road. $306,500.


Christine L. Duerring to Christine Duerring and Michael Italia. 733 Northfield Road. No consideration.

Stephen B. Woodburn to Stephen B. Woodburn and Vivien Scott Woodburn. Rum Brook Road. $1.


Steven Robert Keyes Estate “aka” Steven R. Keyes Estate, Katherine Adams, personal representative, to Nathan G. Bradley. 5 State Road. $247,500.

Frances A. Symanski to John J. Symanski and Paul L. Symanski. 202 River Road. $1.


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