Real Estate Transactions: May 8, 2020

Published: 5/7/2020 12:05:33 PM

E. Myles Davis “aka” Edward Myles Davis to Three Peaks Land Stewardship LLC. Bailey Road. (Land also in Buckland.) $165,000.


Matthew D. Tarlin to Ryan M. Lariviere. 493 Brookside Road. $199,500.

Paul R. Sundstrom to Sean M. Hogan. 134 Fairview Ave. $175,000.

Lawrence F. Army to Anisur Rahman and Nadia Sultana. 127 Longmeadow Ave. $276,000.

Michael Fontana and Donna R. Fontana to Kasey L. Murphy and Kyle Everett-Shadd. 939 Main St. $170,000.

William Kotsonas to Daniel J. Rahiam. 93 Marble St. $137,400.

Sean M. Hogan and Tori-Rae J. Sweeney to Candyce Gomez. 106 Ridge Ave. $176,500.

Gallien Irrevocable Trust, Doreen M. Gallien, trustee, to Evan M. St. Thomas-Dattil. 340 Ridge Road. $185,000.

Osborne Mabel Estate, Michelle Nilsen, to Victor H. Leblanc. 1052 South Main St. $65,000.

Sheryl Hendricks and Jymyle Hendricks to Lenwood King. 33 Shore Drive. $228,800.

Candace Vadnais to Nathan A. Miranda. 147 Wallingford Ave. $188,000.


David M. Looman and Amy K. Looman to Looman Investment Trust, David M. Looman and Amy K. Looman, trustees. 9 Maxam Road. $1.

Kenneth P. Herzig and Rita M. Thibodeau to West Branch Cemetery Association. Adamsville Road. $500.


Benneth G. Phelps to Dennis Anderson. 80 Baptist Hill Road. $258,000.


Elizabeth A. Bysiewski, “aka” Elizabeth A. Wright to Kathleen M. Dugas. River Road. $1.

Rebecca B. Clark and Thomas G. Clark to Elizabeth C. Dickson. Hawks Road/Old World Road. $1.

Rebecca Baxter Clark and Thomas Griswold Clark to Benjamin T. Clark, Rebecca B. Clark and Thomas G. Clark. 310 to 312 Upper Road. $1.

Francis J. Naida to Ralph Jay Gould Jr. 38 Pleasant St. $265,000.


John J. Zywna Jr. and Patricia A. Zywna to Justin D. Simpson. 74 Mountain Road. $307,500.


G&I IX APOLLO SWM LLC to Derossi Commercial Greenfield LLC. 46 and 49 Greenfield St., 53 Silvio O. Conte Drive and 64 Adams Road. $14,163,000.

Philip J. Brodeur to Erica Cooke and Kevin Cooke. 42B Thayer Road, Unit 1B, Huntington Green Condominium. $173,000.

Mary F. Grover to PDV Inc. 42 Linden Ave. $134,575.

PDV Inc. to Charity M. O’Connor and Edith M. Pullen. 42 Linden Ave. $231,500.

Richard M. Hawkins Estate, Douglas A. Hawkins, personal representative, to Michael A. Koncal. 62 Burnham Road. $140,000.

Deanna M. Shaw and Kevin R. Shaw Jr., to Julia T. Shaw. 320 Conway St. $100,000.

John M. Shanahan and Martha Shanahan to Joshua A. Levin. 253 Shelburne Road. $225,000.


Paul N. Grimard Estate, Kevin N. Grimard, personal representative, to Alexander N. Iverson and Brenda L. Snyder. 6 Henry Ave. $187,500.

Karl R. Lapan to Cecile Celotto. 6 Chester St. $231,950.

Alan M. Zraunig to Daniel F. Graves. 9 Randall Wood Drive. $1.

Daniel F. Graves to Alan M. Zraunig and Tara J. Zraunig. 9 Randall Wood Drive. $1.

Wells Fargo Bank NA, by attorney, Boston National Title Agency LLC, attorney, to USA Housing Urban Development. 138 Seventh St. $10.

Beaubien Family Revocable Trust, William J. Beaubien Family Trust, Marcia J. Schuhle, trustee, to Jacqueline F. Beaubien and Robert M. Beaubien. 24 High St. $1.


Nathan Harris Rudolph Estate, Nanuette E. Rudolph, personal representative, to Alex Acosta and Sarah Pease. 193 Neilson Road. $123,000.


Douglas A. Baker and Laurence E. Giard to Douglas A. Baker. 153 School St. $1.

Douglas A. Baker and Lawrence E. Giard to Lawrence E. Giard. School Street/Strowbridge Road. $1.


BHR Properties LLC to Robert D. Bergquist Sr. 210 Oxbow Road. $120,000.

Lee M. Rowe and Shelly A. Rowe to Andrew J. Smith and Barbara M. Smith. 550 South Main St. $299,450.

Fannie Mae, by attorney, Federal National Mortgage Association, by attorney, Continental Real Estate Services Inc., attorney, to CHHay Bun. 407 South Main St. $40,000.

Eric N. Druzbicki to Frances Deluca Hadsel. 13 Dewey Conrad Ave. $179,805.

Donna Dubour to Cheri A. Paretti and Edward C. Paretti Jr. 113 New Athol Road, Unit 109, Pioneer Place Condominium. $200,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee by attorney, Specialized Loan Servicing LLC, attorney, to Krzysztof Perzan. 39 West Main St. $10,000.


Linda Vaidulas to Tracey Gorneault. South Royalston Road. $25,000.

James J. Lanigan Real Estate Trust, Brendan J. Lanigan, trustee, to Steven A. Robinson. Taft Hill Road. $50,000.


Butler Investment Trust, Maureen R. Butler, trustee, to Amie M. Redeker. 441 Mohawk Trail. $422,000.


Mark T. Olszewski to Courtney A. Kinney and Skyler A. Kinney. 174 Locks Pond Road. $330,000.


Ann W. Samson and Raymond R. Samson to Kestrel Land Trust. Cross Mountain Road/Nebo Road. $272,000.

Robert H. Adair to Ron W. Ward “aka” Ronald W. Ward. 17 North Plain Road. $399,000.

Courtney A. Kinney and Skyler Kinney to Anthony F. Ciak. 154 North Silver Lane. $229,500.

Jeffrey C. Mish to KDD Properties LLC. 45 Amherst Road. $570,000.

Martha E. Lorantos to Benneth Phelps. 158 North Main St. $346,000.


Robert T. Lowell Jr., to Robert T. Lowell Jr. and Jennifer Lowell. 21 Davis Road. $1.


James Bohonowicz “aka” James D. Bohonowicz and Joanne Pliska to Keith Ronald Bohonowicz. 123 and 219 River Road. $170,000.

James Bohonowicz “aka” James D. Bohonowicz and Joanne Pliska to Keith Ronald Bohonowicz. River Road. $1.

Elizabeth R. Scott to Jennifer Skroski and Joseph Skroski. North Street. $1.

Geneva L. Pedersen “aka” Geneva L. Pederson and Richard Pedersen to Lewis R. Goldstein and Sarah T. Xiques. 129 Christian Lane. $689,000.

Robert M. Duda Estate, Ginger L. Houghton, individually and personal representative, to Nicolas M. Wojcik. 23 Conway Road. $295,000.

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