Real Estate Transactions: Jan. 22, 2021

Published: 1/21/2021 3:17:53 PM

Paul W. Eysie to Francis X. Savoy. 9 Common St. $50,000.

Paul M. Patterson and Tasha L. Polana to Stuart Grifkin. 742 Daniel Shays Highway, Unit 2A. $115,000.

Paul W. Eysie to Francis X. Savoy. 30 Maple St. $50,000.

Sherman R. Walters and Judi E. Walters to Kellyanne L. Adams and Carol L. Adams. 64 Marble St. $204,000.

Mary J. Galvin Estate and James A. Galvin to Jamie E. Perez and Damaris Haber. 154 Wallingford Ave. $239,000.


Rachael Lin Dube and Elinor Anna Massengill to Alexander L. Nutter. 186 Lower St. $192,000.


Katherine Lee Cole Revocable Trust, Katherine Lee, Cole, trustee and individually “aka” Katherine L. Cole and James H. Geisman, individually, to Rudel Living Trust, Sandra Buesking Rudel and David Jeremy Rudel, trustees. 9 Dunnell Drive. $442,000.


Laura C. Woodard “aka” Laura C. Woodward and Wayne C. Woodard “aka” Wayne C. Woodward to Elizabeth Creque and Andrew J. Lively. 474 Wilder Hill Road. $197,000.


Beverly C. King and Milton M. King Jr. to William R. King and Kimberly L. Sarnacki. 60 Eastern Ave. No consideration.

4 Park Avenue LLC to Escalante LLC. 4 Park St./4 Park Ave. $600,000.

Nicole R. Talbot to Sally J. Cary. 35 Thayer St. $330,000.

Anthony Martino to Nicole R. Talbot. 23 Lee Road. $410,000.

Ragus LLC to Theodore Davis and Paula O’Brien. 7A Gray Lock Lane, Unit 22A, Sugarloaf Condominium. $324,900.


Bethann R. Bezio “aka” Bethann Rose Kaczenski to Jenifer K. Labelle and Kevin J. Labelle. 1 Rose Lane. $275,000.

David E. Chaplin and Jodi M. Chaplin to Brandon R. Breault. North Street. $1.


Paul H. Delisle to Hohengasser Funding Trust, Daniel A. Hohengasser and Leslie Ann Hohengasser, trustees. Munson Street. $23,000.

Paul H. Delisle to John M. Canon and Norma E. Canon. White Birch Avenue. $15,000.

James A. Giknis to Joseph Czajkowski. 24 Factory Hollow Road. $128,440.26.

James A. Giknis to Joseph Czajkowski. 24 Factory Hollow Road. $146,559.74.

Christopher Davenport to Irena Vartanyan “aka” Irina Vartanyan. 28 Davenport Way. $1.

Roman Catholic Bishop of Springfield to Robert Daffner and Victoria Baeger Daffner. 182 High St. $291,000.

Chad Sumner, Kelson Ting and Stephen Westerling to Holly Crowell. 16 to 20 Homestead Ave. $213,000.

Tracy A. Poulin Weightman, Tracy A. Walter and Rita A. Poulin to Tracy A. Walter. 9 West St. $1.


Garry Helyer and Janet Scotto Helyer to Amr Hafez. Taylor Brook Road/Flagg Hill Road. $30,000.


Frederic P. Hartwell and Marie Hartwell-Walker to Frederic P. Hartwell & Marie R. Hartwell-Walker Irrevocable Trust and Jennifer Hartwell, trustee. 295 Shutesbury Road. $1.

Diane R. Crowe to Kayla Y. Crowe. 78 Cave Hill Road. $1.

Lionel Marc Chaltiel to Serena Stone. 74 Long Hill Road. No consideration.


Richard A. Young to Benjamin Crane Miller. 7 to 9 Federal St. $270,000.

Chelsey Little and Todd R. Little to Corey J. Richotte and Tina M. Richotte. 136 Montague City Road. $230,000.

Jenifer K. Labelle and Kevin J. Labelle to Chelsey A. Little and Todd R. Little. 34 Oakman St. $310,000.


Timothy J. LaFerriere to Susan Cloutier, Timothy J. Laferriere and Tatiane Alves Sousa-Laferriere. 414 and 416 Daniel Shays Highway. $1.

Gary P. Skaza to Steven P. Skaza. 214 Cooleyville Road. No consideration.


Ann M. Becker and Ray W. Becker to Nathaniel R. Boyd. 749 Millers Falls Road. $229,900.

Stephen A. Martin and Ruth A. Potee to Phyllis H. Whitney and Warren E. Whitney. East Street. $1.

Warren E. Whitney and Phyllis H. Whitney to Stephen A. Martin and Ruth A. Potee. Main Street. $1.

Chelsea R. Depault to Chelsea R. Depault and Douglas J. Depault. 9 Riverview Drive. $1.


J. Kevin Connaughton and Susan Libby Connaughton to Connaughton Family Revocable Living Trust, J. Kevin Connaughton and Susan Libby Connaughton, trustees. 42 Boyden Road. No consideration.


Conor D. Rice to Alexander Lent and Christine Lent. 23 North Main St. $325,000.


Michael J. Everhart IRA to Jeffrey B. Smith and Susan B. Smith. Ne Fitzwilliam Road, Lot 1. $75,000.

Michael J. Everhart IRA to Jeffrey B. Smith and Susan B. Smith. Ne Fitzwilliam Road, Lot 2. $75,000.


Steven A. Krol to Eileen A. Krol and Steven A. Krol. 77 Old Amherst Road. $1.

61 Old Amherst Road LLC to Old Amherst Road LLC. 61 and 67 Old Amherst Road. $262,500.


Terry B. Porter to Rachel D. W. Rome and Carl A. Schmidt. Richmond Road. $46,500.


Jacqueline M. Pelc and Peter J. Pelc to Peter J. Pelc. 38 Westbrook Road. No consideration.

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