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Published: 7/5/2016 10:24:16 AM

In the first “Savoring the Seasons” column, which ran on July 1, 2007, I said, “I don’t intend to sit off by myself thinking up things to write — it will take a community to write this column … Each week I’ll include a section with simple recipes and menu ideas from area residents. Some will be my own, but hopefully, most will come from readers.”

Thanks to all of us, we’ve shared many recipes, menu ideas and stories over the years.

And, thanks to the many readers who appreciated last week’s photos of me and my twin Martha. Indeed, we look a lot alike.

After sharing Martha’s photo and recipe, I decided it would be fun to share YOUR photo with your recipe. More specifically, please send your photo to me at:

Send a photo of you shopping at a Franklin County farmers market or farmstand, a recipe or menu of what you did with what you bought at the farmers market or farmstand, and include your name and town.

I am excited to see what you send. I’ll try to include as many of these photo and recipes as I can.

I thought of this idea while roaming around Greenfield Farmers Market and wishing I had photos and recipes from folks buying fennel, zucchini, ground beef, mushrooms, cheese, and more.

I was thrilled to hear that the Greenfield Farmers Market is a free lunch program site this summer. Every Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. through Aug. 13, kids 18 and under are welcome to come to the market on Court Square in downtown Greenfield for a free lunch.

And $10 in SNAP benefits gets you $20 in market money thanks to CISA’s SNAP & SAVE program.

To find other participating farmers markets, visit CISA’s buylocalfood website at:

I don’t have Sheila Kelley’s photo, but she shared her tasty recipe for a pie for strawberries and rhubarb, or other types of fruit. I wonder how it would taste with the Clarkdale cherries that will be available at Greenfield Farmers Market on Saturday, July 9. Get there early, because they’ll go quickly!

This week we’re eating . . .

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumb Pie: gluten- and dairy-free

By Sheila Kelley of Greenfield

Any fruit can be used, with adjustments of other ingredients. I use a food processor to cut in the butter or coconut spread, so much easier than the older methods.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees


1 ½ C. gluten-free flour mix *(see below)

½ C. sugar

½ C. coconut spread or other butter substitute

Dash of salt (optional)


2 C. strawberries, hulled and quartered**

2 C. rhubarb, chopped into ½-inch pieces**

½ C. sugar

2 T. water

3 T. quick tapioca (or tapioca starch)

¼ tsp salt (optional)

Cook rhubarb with 2 T. water: on stove for 5 minutes (stir occasionally) or in microwave for 2 minutes (stop at 1 min., stir, cook for 1 more minute.) Combine with quartered strawberries, ½ C sugar, tapioca, and salt (optional.) Set aside for 20 min.

Combine flour, ½ C. sugar, coconut spread (or other butter substitute) and dash of salt (optional.) Mix with pastry blender, fork, or food processor until crumbs form. Measure ¾ C. of mixture and set aside for topping. Press remaining crumbs over bottom and about ¾-inch up the sides of a 9-inch pie pan. Pour fruit filling into pan and distribute evenly. Don’t fill pan too full, leave space for filling to bubble as it bakes! Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Remove from oven, sprinkle remaining crumbs evenly across top. Bake for 20 to 25 min. longer, or until crumbs are golden brown. Serve warm or cold.

*Gluten-free flour mix

1 C. brown rice flour

2/3 C. potato starch

1/3 C. tapioca starch

2 tsp. xanthan gum

Mix thoroughly. Store excess in glass jar with tight fitting lid. Makes slightly more than 2 C.

**4 C. blueberries can be substituted for strawberries and rhubarb. Also add 1 T. lemon juice & 1/8 tsp. cinnamon.

Local food advocate and community organizer Mary McClintock lives in Conway and works as a freelance writer for Greenfield Community College, brand promoter for Goshen-based local food company Appalachian Naturals, and writer/editor for “More Than Sound.” Send column suggestions and recipes to


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