Orange town election Monday

Recorder Staff
Wednesday, February 28, 2018

ORANGE — One contested race is on the ballot in this year’s annual town election.

The election is Monday, with polls opening from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. Voting takes place at the Orange Armory at 135 East Main St.

Ryan W. Mailloux and Thomas J. Smith are running for a pair of three-year seats on the Selectboard. Mailloux is an incumbent candidate.

Jane M. Peirce and George C. F. Willard are facing off for a two-year term on the Selectboard.

The ballot also includes Christopher J. Woodcock, who is running for re-election for one year as moderator. Peirce is also running for re-election to the Orange Board of Health.

Stephanie J. Conrod, and Robert H. Haigh Sr., both incumbents, are seeking a return to the Elementary School Committee, each for three years.

On the Elementary School Committee for a two-year seat, Alexandre A. Schwanz is unopposed. And there are no candidates on the ballot for the one-year spot on the Elementary School Committee.

As for Regional School Committee, voters will cast ballots for two three-year seats. Chante M. Jillson and Patricia A. Smith are incumbents for re-election.

While there are two three-year seats for library trustee, there’s only one candidate on the budget. Nathaniel J. Johnson is seeking re-election.

The following are incumbents on the ballot seeking re-election:

Michael F. Hume for water commissioner (three years); James E. Cornwell for cemetery commissioner (three years); Scott A. Hubbard for trustee of soldiers’ memorials — veteran (three years); Christopher J. Marshall for trustee of soldiers’ memorials — non-veteran (three years).

The Housing Authority has two seats on the ballot. Tracy S. Gaudet is running for the four-year term while the three-year spot has no candidates.

Also, there are advisory questions on the ballot from the Selectboard, addressing how the upgrade of the wastewater treatment facility will be financed, if it is approved by the voters at town meeting.

A “YES” vote favors supporting at least 25 percent of the costs of the upgrade from property taxes to be levied, excluded from the limits of Propositions 2½.

A “NO” vote favors supporting all costs of the upgrades from user charges and other revenues of the sewer systems.