Monroe town meeting on Monday

Recorder Staff
Friday, June 09, 2017

MONROE — Voters in this town of about 120 residents will be asked to set a new fiscal year budget, appoint non-elected town officers and put about $181,522 of the town’s “free cash” reserves into various town repairs and stabilization accounts.

The annual town meeting is Monday at 6:30 p.m. in Town Hall.

This year’s school assessments are $201,396 for the North Berkshire School Union (a 4 percent increase) and $65,710 for the Northern Berkshire Vocational School District.

Requested salaries for elected and appointed town officials is $41,643 — about a $3,300 decrease from the current year’s budget. If approved, the town’s operating budget, of $318,105, would boost town spending by $54,680. The biggest cost increase is for insurance, which is rising from $48,000 this year to $75,000 in the coming year. Also, the amount to be budgeted for winter snow removal is being raised from $20,000 to $30,000 in the coming year.

The following projects and costs are all to come from the town’s Free Cash reserves, which is unspent revenues that came in the previous fiscal year. They each require a two/thirds majority vote:

$37,000 to pave a section of Readsboro Road (supplementing Chapter 90 road funds).

$3,500 to install a dry hydrant on Main Road.

$14,900 for a mandated Wastewater Utilities State Inflow/Infiltration analysis.

$11,500 to replace culverts on Readsboro Road.

$30,000 for Town Hall building repairs.

$10,000 to be placed into the Highway Department Vehicles Stabilization Account.

$30,000 to be placed into the Fire/Highway Department Municipal Building Stabilization Account.

$10,000 into the General Stabilization Account.

Also, $71,622 in free cash revenues is to be used to pay down the principal and interest on a USDA Waste Water Disposal Loan/Grant for Rural Communities.

A warrant article asks voters to approve Clifford Oakes and Douglas Oakes Jr. for these jobs not elected by ballot: fence viewers, measurers of wood and bark, measurers of lumber, field drivers and pound keepers.

Douglas Oakes Sr. is on the warrant to serve as the town’s burial agent.