Editorial: Northfield helps expand arts and culture with new museum

  • Dick and Kackie St. Clair, new residents of Northfield, admire paintings during the Museum of New England Art’s opening night on June 23. Recorder FIle Photo/shelby ashline

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Brief thoughts on some of the events making news from around Franklin County and the North Quabbin area:

Northfield has a new claim to fame: the Museum of New England Art, an offshoot of the Deerfield Valley Art Association, which has supported the region’s painters for decades. The association and its new museum will share roughly 3,000 square feet next to Cameron’s Winery on Main Street.

The museum’s first show, “Gems from Private Collections,” will continue through Aug. 6, and contains more than 60 works, all of which are on loan, including paintings, etchings, clothing, pottery, sculpture and cross stitching.

Growth of the arts and cultural offerings keeps spreading through Franklin County, and this is just the latest manifestation.

Pipelines again?

One year after announcing plans to scrap its proposed Northeast Energy Direct pipeline through western Massachusetts, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. is looking again at the possibility of building a new natural gas pipeline across New York and New England.

TGP is seeking bids from gas distribution companies and other potential customers for fuel that would come from such a new pipeline in the region, raising concerns from those who successfully beat back the $5 billion Northeast Energy Direct project across eight Franklin County towns.

The Houston-based pipeline company doesn’t specify a route for a new pipeline or say whether it is even proposing a new pipeline.

Pipeline critics last time argued there wasn’t enough demand for a new pipeline through rural Massachusetts, so this new effort to flush out new customers bears watching closely.

Proud to be proud

As many as 400 people marched down Federal Street in Greenfield under a blazing sun for Franklin County Pride late last month, expressing pride in being part of the LGBTQ community.

Drivers honked support and marchers replied with waves, whoops of excitement and smiles.

For hours, the pride rally filled the Greenfield Energy Park with the kind of energy that grows from tolerance in society and support of equality for all.

Smart phoning

The North Quabbin Community Coalition has come up with a novel, cyber-age way to help parents be better parents. The coalition is starting Parenting Overload, a series of weekly text messages composed of free advice designed to lessen the stress of parenting in the 21st century.

Anyone can be added to the Parenting Overload list by registering to participate through a form at http://bit.ly/2tKyUjF or by sending an email to parenting@nqcc.org. Everyone who signs up will receive a text on their cell phone.

Heather Bialecki-Canning, the coalition’s executive director, said the messages will include educational snippets, helpful hints, inspirational quotes or suggestions for child-friendly activities.

Hoping we catch the dumpers

We surely hope the police can find the dumpers who discarded dozens of old tires on the banks of the Green River in Colrain recently. They obviously have no respect for the rest of us or for the environment.