My Turn: Counting on growing global awareness of our interdependence

Published: 8/31/2020 6:26:40 AM

We may not be able to discover the actual scope of the pandemic problem but we will, if we survive. We may come to see it as a necessary warm-up lesson for bigger problems facing the world.

For years now, I’ve reminded myself that 30,000 people starve to death every single day. I try to do that to get perspective when there’s a car crash or somebody shoots some people or does bad things that terribly affect anybody who knows those people. Our empathy will kick in, if we have empathy.

It’s important for me to keep track of the scope of the issues I’m considering. When I first grasped the scope and nature of the Internet, I became very excited. I came to see the potential that Internet connections made possible for the global community to come alive to itself.

Today, through technology, we can pick up a satellite phone and call anybody anywhere on the earth, even at the top of the Himalayas. Globalization is a word that has been in use for a long time now.

And, the full feeling for what globalization means is a global awareness. Before this time, regular people could never fully feel connected to everybody and anybody on the planet. Our communication systems today force us to recognize the interconnectedness and interdependence that has always been there on some level.

We’ve experienced it to some degree with wars that we only heard news about weeks later. Today, we can see, hear and know instantly of any major thing that happens on the planet, unless there’s a cover-up, of course. But I can still celebrate a growing potential global awareness that is what the world will be required to step up to in order to save its place here on the planet.

So, as bad as it may seem with the numbers, keep in mind that 9,000 people die every day in the United States under normal conditions.

Step back. There is much room for optimism. I am happy that people are learning about the geometric progression graph because that thing called the hockey stick graph is the same kind of graph for the pandemic that exists for the cascading climate change problems that are coming our way, that will kill everybody, not just thousands, not just millions but billions.

Maybe science and technology will save the day and save the earth as a habitable place for us but I can’t count on that. I am counting on growing global awareness of our global Interdependence and our desperate requirement for coordinated remediation globally. VOTE.

John Bailey is a resident of Greenfield.

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