Bill Lafley: The problems of drug smuggling

Published: 03-29-2024 4:16 PM

Several opinion writers on these pages are concerned about the migrants crossing the border in southern states and many mention a fear of drug smugglers. In 2017 our family spent a week with a family in Guatemala. One night at dinner the father, a business person in Guatemala City pleaded with us to do something about stopping the “white, rich kids in the U.S.,” as he characterized it, from buying and using drugs. The drug cartels funnel the drugs through Guatemala and buy off politicians and other officials creating rampant corruption in the system that does not allow the country to invest in improving the country for its people. These drug smugglers also threaten and intimidate the citizens of Guatemala. These folks are smuggling the drugs simply because there is such a high demand for them in the U.S. The problem with drug smuggling at the border or anywhere does not start with the folks running the drugs or about border policies. If there was not the demand for drugs created by the U.S. citizens in our midst there would be no market for the drugs. As for many problems including this one, Pogo’s words of wisdom, “We have met the enemy, and he is us” is very applicable.

Bill Lafley

New Salem

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