Jo-Ann Prescott: Montague Cemetery Spring cleanup

Lum3n/via Pexels

Published: 04-01-2024 5:44 PM

Modified: 04-02-2024 11:45 AM

The Montague Cemetery Commission will be conducting its annual spring cleanup of the town cemeteries, in particular Highland Cemetery, on Thursday, April 18.

Please remove seasonal decorations from your loved one’s grave before the above date. The commission cleanup will include the removal of dead flowers and wreathes, broken items, and debris such as plastic flowers that have blown onto nearby headstones. According to the cemetery rules and regulations, all winter decorations must be removed by April 15 and summer decorations by Oct. 15.

Cemetery rules state, “If these items become unsightly, dangerous, detrimental or diseased, or when they do not conform to the standard maintained by the commission, they will be disposed of.”

It is our goal as a commission to take reasonable precautions to keep the cemetery clean, free of clutter, and safe for visitors and all who have loved ones buried on the property. Please do your part by being mindful of items that make it difficult to maintain the area around headstones. Your cooperation is much appreciated.

Jo-Ann Prescott

Montague Cemetery Commission