Dennis Merritt: Trump is not the solution to a broken Congress

Former president Donald Trump waits to take the witness stand at New York Supreme Court in November.

Former president Donald Trump waits to take the witness stand at New York Supreme Court in November. JABIN BOTSFORD/THE WASHINGTON POST

Published: 03-04-2024 4:39 PM

Modified: 03-05-2024 10:47 AM

It’s with horror that those of us on the left learn of Trump’s blatant intention to create an authoritarian government, with him being the top authoritarian. We look at those on the right and cry out, “Don’t you see what he’s doing?” “Don’t you see he wants to undermine our entire system of government?”

The problem is, I think they do, and the debate was never more clearly framed than in Biden’s and Trump’s visits to the border. Biden said “We can fix it.” Trump said “I can fix it.” The Republicans in the house, rejecting the Senate bipartisan border proposals, said “Biden should fix it himself.” The implication being that’s what a powerful leader would do.

The Republicans are openly running on the need for an authoritarian leader who will get things done. They are saying the current system doesn’t work, Congress doesn’t get anything done, and if it does, it doesn’t work for the people.

Here’s the problem. They’re right. Congress is now, and has for a long time, been broken. People are sick of it. Biden is saying we can make the system work. Trump is saying we can’t. And the MAGA Republicans in Congress are doing all they can to prove Trump right.

It’s a serious problem, but the solution is Trump? I don’t think so.

Dennis Merritt

Shelburne Falls

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