Dr. Cullen Shipman: First in the U.S. Franklin County Medicare for All study group

Glenn Carstens-Peters/StockSnap

Glenn Carstens-Peters/StockSnap Glenn Carstens-Peters/StockSnap

Published: 03-03-2024 12:00 PM

I am a physician activist and researcher for Mass Medicare for All legislation — An Act Establishing Medicare for All in Massachusetts (H.1239/S.744). Today I posted the first public announcement of our first in the U.S. county level study group focused on a state M4A bill. This is my 60th year as an M4A activist — first speech to my high school civics class in 1964. My activism includes Penn State Medical School, family medicine residency in Bangor, Maine, two years as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Dept of Defense as one of four family doctors caring for 10,000 Apache in the White Mountain Apache Nation, two years as a social medicine fellow at UNC Chapel Hill Medical School in a Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Fellowship, and many, many years in the best school — The School of Hard Knocks. I have recently been the author and primary sponsor of two Massachusetts Medical Society M4A resolutions. Both have been defeated by the highest level officers but supported by 4,000 MMS members including the president of the Franklin County District Medical Society who was a co-sponsor on both resolutions. The announcement went up at Catalpa today. For more info go to www.cfrazershipmanmd.com and keep coming back because my first professional help on the website is tomorrow. 

Cullen Shipman, MD


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