Judith Schiavone and Barbara Pearson: Mobilizing poor and low-income voters

Published: 02-27-2024 5:16 PM

Modified: 02-28-2024 4:58 PM

In a country with so much wealth, it is immoral that poverty is the fourth leading cause of death. Especially while, for example, our elected officials choose to spend billions of dollars to bail out corrupt bankers and refuse to have Wall Street and the wealthy, particularly billionaires, pay their fair share.

Poor and low-income voters reject the myth of scarcity and the policy choices that are killing nearly 800 poor and low-income people daily. Poor and low-income voters represent the largest bloc of unmobilized voters (85 million nationally) who have the ability to impact elections across the ballot in local, state and national elections.

Therefore, we are joining together in a spirit of love and unity on March 2 in Boston, with 31 other states for a day of nationally coordinated, simultaneous direct action in state capitals to mobilize the 1.3 million eligible poor and low-income voters in Massachusetts (nearly 25% of the electorate in Massachusetts).

Together we will harness the power of our votes, to abolish poverty as the fourth leading cause of death, restore voting rights, women’s health rights, worker/labor rights, and to revive the soul of this democracy to ensure justice and dignity for all. All are welcome to join us. For more information, please go to bit.ly/mappcmarch2.

Forward together, not one step back.

Judith Schiavone


Barbara Pearson

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