Franklin County Land Transfers 5/17/17

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Albert H. Rimbach Jr. to Manfred J. Gabriel and Christina E. Gabiel. Creamery Road. $55,000

Florence Hebert Estate, Richard R. Hebert II, personal representative, to Richard R. Hebert II and Daniel G. Hebert. 640 Old Stage Road. $1

Richard R. Hebert II to Daniel G. Hebert. 640 Old Stage Road. $1

Ronald Gorevic to Ronald Gorevic and Julie Fisher. 770 Watson Spruce Corner Road. $1

Gilbert & Dorothy Roberts Irrevocable Trust, Russell A. Roberts, trustee, to Drew N. Pantermehl. 1266 Bug Hill Road. $302,500


William Jay Schaeffer “aka” William Jay Schaefer to Berkshire Rafting, LLC. 48 Main St. $325,000


Heidi M. Wellman of Amherst to Greenfield Savings Bank of Greenfield. 295 Jacksonville Road. $147,392.

David B. Bray of Miami, Fla., to Abigail Lydia Bray, of Bethesda, Md., and David Barton Bray. West Leyden Road. $1

Donelson Investment Trust, Walter A. Donelson, trustee, to Douglas M. Donelson. Route 112. $43,500

Call Investment Trust, Suzanne C. Margerum, trustee, Barbara E. Call, by attorney, Suzanne C. Margerum, attorney, to Hartshorn Family LLC. York Road, York Hill Road and Foundry Village Road. $280,000


Elizabeth Clarke, “aka” Elizabeth N. Clarke, to Erica L. Francks. 40 Thayer St. $159,000


Thomas E. Dorsey and Dawn O. Dorsey to William M. Dungey and Sarah R. Watsky. 276 Mountain Road. $405,000


Thomas J. DeHoyos and Debra J. DeHoyos to Katherine Buttolph of Brattleboro, Vt. 100 Silver St. $255,000

David T. Damery and Constance D. Rugg-Damery of Mattapoisett to Alexander M. Gilbert and Lily M. Fariborz of Northampton. 28B Old Albany Road. $159,900

Bruce A. Wilkins and Kathleen A. Wilkins to Bethany W. Varrichio of Cambridge and Ethan M. Wilkins. 43 Stetson Drive. $1

Edward J. Milkey Jr. “aka” Edward John Milkey Jr. and Sharon D. Milkey to Sharon D. Milkey. 31 Warner St. $1

Sharon D. Milkey to Milkey Investment Trust, Sharon D. Milkey, trustee. 31 Warner St. $1

Thomas T. Tolg and Janet B. Tolg to Tolg Investment Trust, Thomas T. Tolg and Janet B. Tolg, trustees. 12 Walnut St. $1

Robert J. Escott Jr. “aka” Robert J. Escott of Turners Falls and Sandra L. Escott to Sandra L. Escott. 464 Leyden Road. Less than $100

George E. Miller to Heather Greene. 53 to 55 Conway St. $141,000

Christopher L. Gagnon and Debra Gagnon to Scott Allen Briere and Christine Marie Briere. 23 Graves Road. $264,900


Pioneer Valley Redevelopers, LLC, to Robert A. Weller and Kathleen J. Weller. 344 Long Plain Road. $80,000


US Bank NA, trustee, by attorney, Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, attorney, to Green River Ridge, LLC, of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 151 River Road. $65,000

John S. Wallace and Barbara J. Wallace to Maple Run Farm Nominee Trust, Joseph H. Wallace and Alison Wallace Donnelly, trustees. 100 Alexander Road. No consideration.


Red Fire Farm II Nominee Trust, Ryan Voiland and Sarah Voiland, trustees, and 172 Meadow Road Nominee Trust, Ryan Voiland “aka” Ryan Oiland, trustee, to Mount Grace Farm, LLC, of Athol. 172 Meadow Road, Meadow Road and 184 Meadow Road. $455,000

Samuel H. Lovejoy and Kathy A. Schermerhorn to Jessica Bartlett. Ripley Road. $75,000

Ann M. Daly and Jean G. Donovan to John T. McGuigan and Alexandra D. McGuigan. 30 Stevens St. $214,000


Wilfred Edgar Fournier Estate, “aka” Wilfred E. Fournier Estate, Jody A. Russell Blakie of Orange, personal representative, to Jeremy O. Russell. 84 Elm St. $30,000


Eleanor J. Goodman to Philip J. Calabria and Susan V. Calabria of Mount Hermon. 882 Old Wendell Road. $230,000

Jeffrey N. Kratz to Brian A. VanGuilder. 1 Captain Beers Plain Road. $230,000

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, Christiana Trust, trustee by attorney, Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC, attorney, to Gregory S. Hale. 11 Lyman Road. $125,000


Derick C. True and Jennifer D. True to Kevin Antonio and Debra Antonio. 15 Grove St. $50,000

Jean K. Chase “aka” Jean W. Chase of Athol to Apple Orchard Trust of Ashland, Kathleen Howard, trustee. 332 North Main St. $1

Geoffrey T. Richardson of Wendell to James T. Drew and Sara A. Drew. 41 James Lane. $30,000

Anthony T. Wheeler by Santander Bank, NA, “fka” Sovereign Bank, “fka” Sovereign Bank, NA, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation. 51 Sandrah Drive. $65,493

HSBC Bank USA, NA, trustee, by attorney, Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC, attorney, to Dana Granquist. 40 Town Farm Road. $87,034


Adam C. Drollett of West Springfield to Caleb G. Truesdell and Catherine D. Verheyen. 58 Old Egypt Road. $240,000


Barbara D. Densmore of South Dartmouth to BDD Trust, Barbara D. Densmore, trustee. 172 Russell St. $1

Kathy L. Ryan, “aka” Kathy Lou Ryan, “aka” Kathy Lu Ryan, to Kathy L. Ryan Trust, Kathy L. Ryan, trustee. 12 Plumtree Road. Less than $100

David J. Cary and Ashley N. Sovinski, to Paul B. Stewart and Laurie Stewart. 410 Hadley Road. $315,000


Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, by attorney, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, attorney, to Christopher E. Bonneau, of Portsmouth, R.I. $41,000

Daniel R. Boyden to Daniel R. Boyden and April Boyden. 78 Wendell Depot Road. $1


Charles B. Maiewski and Dorothy S. Maiewski to Maiewski 2017 Irrevocable Trust, James H. Maiewski and Paul R. Maiewski, trustees. 153 Long Plain Road. Less than $100

Rachel L. Lawrence Irrevocable Trust, Ronald E. Jackson, trustee, Gregory A. Lawrence, individually, and Gary A. Lawrence Estate, Ronald E. Jackson, personal representative, to Mary St. Germain of Venice, Fla. 52 Webber Road. $270,000