Faith Matters: How faith led us to our 'Next Step'

  • Jeremy Losier of Camp Northfield in Northfield, MA. May 23, 2018 Recorder Staff/Paul Franz

  • Jeremy Losier of Camp Northfield in Northfield, Mass. Recorder Staff/Paul Franz

Director, Camp Northfield
Friday, June 01, 2018

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2018 started out to be a wonderful year: Camp Northfield made some new church contacts, we generated more interest in the community, and new events were being planned when, suddenly, everything came to a screeching halt. My wife, who was pregnant with our second child, went in for a routine exam to find out that our precious baby girl did not make it.

Upon hearing of this tragic news, we knew that we needed something for us to grasp ahold of. That straw was our faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ. My wife and I came up with a saying that helped us every moment during this difficult time. “Next Step” was our binding agent that pulled us through. We did not try to look at the big picture or the ultimate dream family. At that moment, we did not think of where we would retire, or what car we may drive in the future. No, we simply thought of what is our “Next Step!”

Our next step in this instance was to be sure that our firstborn was taken care of while we spent the next few days in the hospital, inducing the pregnancy along. Our dear friends came to our need and shared that they too had lost a child 17 years ago. Their comfort and encouragement was critical during our “Next Step” phase. This family directed us to the words of Phillipians 4:9 where it says, “Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.” God’s word brought us comfort, comfort brought us peace, peace came through our faith! Faith matters!

Upon the completion of another step, we asked God again, “What is our next step?” We knew that our precious girl would need a place of rest, so we went to Kidders funeral home to find help. They were so gracious and helped us plan everything. We left with full confidence that our baby would be cared for.

“Now what?” we asked ourselves. We drove over to Pentecost Cemetery where we picked out a beautiful lot for our baby’s final resting place. We find comfort that while this may be her resting place, it is not her home. We will see her again one day because we know of the saving grace of our Lord. Our relation with God is not a religion — it’s more personal than that. It’s faith! We are His children, and He is our Father. Faith matters.

Our sweet little girl was “born into Heaven” on May 5, 2018 and never got to take a breath here on earth. Her eyes did not open to see her parents; instead, her eyes opened for the first time to see her loving Savior. With her eyes closed, we held our Rosalynn Sofia in our hands, but we knew she was resting in the arms of God in her home, Heaven. Her home is much nicer than ours. Her home is sweeter. Her home is everlasting. While we would have loved every single moment with our daughter, we know that we can take comfort that our Heavenly Father has wrapped His loving arms around her and welcomed her into His kingdom.

Are you hurting, or have you recently felt grief? God can be your “Next Step!” Our campers come from all over the Northeast, and many times, they make a personal decision to follow Christ as their next step. Again, focus in on God’s plan for your life, and see what His next step is for you. Maybe it is to become one of His children. Whatever it may be, know this: Faith will bring you your next step. Faith really does matter!

About Camp Northfield

Founded in 1961, Camp Northfield was established as an Independent Baptist Camp that offers a Christ-centered program of bible study and activities. It hosts seven weeks of youth camp in the summer as well as weekend retreats throughout the winter, spring and fall. Since 2014, Camp Northfield has been under the directorship of Jeremy Losier. He, along with his wife and family, feel blessed to serve in a community with such a great Christian heritage as Northfield.