American Legion to present Foster’s Supermarket with plaque

Gesture a ‘thank you’ for years of support with veteran fundraiser

Recorder Staff
Tuesday, July 10, 2018

GREENFIELD — To say thanks for hosting its annual fundraiser, the American Legion will present an honorary plaque to Foster’s Supermarket today, July 11.

The American Legion’s Franklin-Hampshire District, which includes towns around Greenfield and Orange and goes as far south as Southampton and Belchertown, has held annual fundraisers at Foster’s for about six to eight years now, said Walter White, assistant surgeon of the American Legion’s Massachusetts Department. The fundraisers take place over the course of a weekend in September or October, and comprise flower sales and raffles for a tablet computer and a TV. This year’s fundraiser will be on the weekend of Sept. 14.

According to White, the money raised goes to the Soldier’s Home in Holyoke, a health care facility for veterans. Over the course of the annual fundraiser, the American Legion has donated about $20,000 to the facility.

“Anything that we can help the vets do, that’s what the money is raised for,” White said.

The American Legion will officially present the plaque to Foster’s on Wednesday at 2 p.m., White said. He said that the plaque is intended as a thank-you for letting the organization use the supermarket as a site for its fundraising.

Matthew Deane, one of the co-owners of Foster’s, said, “We appreciate it very much. We’re always glad to help the veterans in any way we can. It’s our customers who are supporting them as much as we are. It’s a good all-around effort.”