As I See It: How Trump’s immunity can save Biden’s America

Jon Huer

Jon Huer


Published: 05-07-2024 1:56 PM

Democrats have been unhappy with the constitutional quirks that favor rural America, in which the GOP minority often outmaneuvers the Democratic majority. Three of the last four Republican presidential candidates won elections without winning the majority vote. This truism in American politics is about to get an unintended twist with Trump’s “presidential immunity” case, about to be decided at the Supreme Court.

Many believe that SCOTUS, with help from the five “Trump justices,” will grant Trump his immunity and, as its main benefit, freedom from federal charges. This prospect has Democrats quite worried, thinking that Trump will get away with everything: comedy turning into tragedy.

But Democrats are wrong on this: If Trump wins his freedom from possible prison terms, Biden wins something colossally bigger than Trump: Biden would win a freedom of action — with total immunity from prosecution ever — greater than any ruler has ever had since the last divine king and czar of Russia. Surely, the immunity would be a get-out-of-jail card for Trump, but it would give Biden the unchallengeable power to eliminate Trumpism forever from the American Republic: tragedy turning into comedy.

All Biden has to do is hope that the five “corrupt Trump justices” do the corrupt thing and give Trump immunity. What would keep Trump out of prison is what would give Biden the total, absolute, complete, unlimited political power to eliminate the greatest threat that has ever faced the Republic since Nazism: that is, Donald Trump.

Would Biden, the lifetime gentleman of conventionality, run with the new opportunity and go where no president has ever gone before to save America’s democracy, or drop the ball for lack of boldness and courage? In their contrasting personalities, Trump is single-minded and reckless; Biden deliberate and cautious. In their power strategies, Trump fights gun battles with cannons while Biden swings his gentleman’s walking stick.

But the five “Trump justices,” in their eagerness to save Trump by granting him immunity, would level the playing field for Biden. The court would arm the sitting president in a way no power on earth can touch. Paradoxically, the five corrupt justices, in their effort to save tainted Trump, are going to give Biden and his Democrats an iron-clad armor of power to save America from Trump.

What could Biden and his Democrats do to stamp out Trumpism from America’s brains, hearts and souls forever?

Fortunately, Biden doesn’t need to invent anything new: Trump and his MAGA crowd have already worked out many plots and plans to punish their enemies as they are expected to win in November. No question, Trump would incarcerate his enemies and critics in Hitler-style concentration camps under the absolute power of martial law. Biden could just borrow the playbook for concentration camps (to be renamed re-education centers) and martial law.

Now, with martial law and re-education centers all over America, fully blessed by the Supreme Court’s immunity ruling, Biden and Democrats could transform America in a way never seen since 1776. When his intentions are pure, his powers ordained by no less authority than the Supreme Court, would there be a limit to what he could accomplish for the sake of America?

To power-rejuvenated Biden, radical actions are unavoidable. Trump’s fire must be countered with firestorm. Biden must go all out to fight Trump, whose arsenal is not for the weak-kneed or the faint at heart. Biden and Democrats are defending the American Republic from its unimaginably effective and dangerous adversary.

For Biden’s firestorm to overpower Trump’s fire, I am going to recommend the following “most urgent” list of items. Most immediately, arrest and take into federal custody the following persons, to be interned at the re-education centers for courses in American history and civics: the five “Trump justices” at the U.S. Supreme Court; members of the House and Senate who habitually obstruct government functions at Trump’s behest; and men and women deemed “Trump crazies” spoiling for civil war in America.

Other critical steps I would recommend:

■Outlaw all privately owned guns in America.

■Disarm all police officers in all American cities and towns.

■Regulate all lying and misinforming media outlets as, in Biden’s America, freedom of the press must equal responsibility for truth and public duty.

■No more tax cuts for the super-rich in America and no tax loopholes for corporations.

■Unionize all employees by law, and require that all corporate boards be half filled by union members in Biden’s America.

■Protect the nation’s children from harmful social media and adult citizens from digital addiction and, most critically, no AI will take jobs from human workers.

■Ban all machine-answered phones in business and government and replace them with real human beings. No phone calls from American citizens will be answered by a robot.

■Abolish all commercial advertisement (nothing degrades America more effectively than unbridled advertisement), to be replaced by simple product descriptions without deceptive dramatization or embellishment, to allow only honest product information.

Radical times require radical resolves, and Democrats will need fierce political courage and imagination to out-radicalize Trumpism. With perhaps the most consequential political decision in American history ahead, both the Supreme Court and Biden face their own Rubicon: Is it Trump the narcissist dictator or Biden the benevolent patriarch that’s in America’s future?

Or are we, the ever-transient spectators, blithely watching the last spectacle of a dying republic?

Jon Huer, columnist for the Recorder and retired professor, lives in Greenfield.