Real Estate/Changing Hands, May 11, 2018

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Joyce E. Tawney Irrevocable Real Estate Trust, Joyce E. Tawney, Trustee, to Christian M. Parenti of Brooklyn, N.Y. 7 Pine St. $263,500


Stuart Bruck and Frances M. Bruck, of Wichita, Kan., to Frances M. Bruck Trust, Frances M. Bruck, Trustee. Mountain View Drive and Legate Hill Road. No Consideration

Holly L. Gettings, to Holly L. Gettings and Dana Elizabeth Bartlett. 1115 Mohawk Trail “aka” 1115 Route 2 East. $1


Ryan J. Pachalis and Katelyn N. Pachalis, “fka” Katelyn N. Lewandowski, to Ben S. Minifie and Katelynn R. Venne, of South Londonderry, Vt. 235 West Leyden Road. $200,000

Mildred B. Stark Estate, Sandra J. Ward, Personal Representative, to Asher D. Chicoine of Easthampton. 300 Main Road. $169,000


Chester L. Cross and Gloria Cross “aka” Gloria I. Cross, of Williamsburg, to Gloria I. Cross. Wing Hill Road, in Conway and Goshen. $1

Roberta Garlick, of Springfield and Brian Belder and Ronald J. Belder, of Whately, to Brian Belder and Ronald J. Belder, of Whately. Part Road. (Land also in Whately). $1

Alexander L. Caswell, to Caswell Investment Trust, Alexander L. Caswell, Trustee. 615 Reeds Bridge Road. $1

Malcolm K. Ware, Bud Ware, and Barbara A. Ware, to Daniel F. Graves of Greenfield. 114 Parsons Hill Drive. $1

Daniel F. Graves of Greenfield, to Malcolm K. Ware and Barbara A. Ware. 114 Parsons Hill Drive. $1


Felicia B. Baronas “aka” Felicia C. Baronas, to Baronas Investment Trust, Felicia C. Baronas, Trustee. 80 Sugarloaf St. $1

Felicia C. Baronas, to Baronas Investment Trust, Felicia C. Baronas, Trustee. 105 Sunderland Road. $1


Jacquelin T. Felton, to Freedom Hill Realty Trust I, David C. Brooks, Trustee, of Greenfield. 12 Flagg Hill road. $50,000


Gary B. Noga and Sharon G. Noga, to Gary B. Noga. 88 Cleveland St. $1

Sharon G. Noga, to Gary B. Noga. 103A James Street. Unit 3A 103 James Condominium. $1

Franklin Wright Truesdell Jr. Estate, Anne J. Truesdell, Personal Representative, to Anne J. Truesdell. 438 Davis St. $1

Greenfield KMW LLC, to Toni Halbach, of Colrain. 99 Verde Drive. $112,000

Gary T. Dubois, Ann Dubois and Norma L. Patten, to John T. Sawyer and Betty Lou Sawyer. 243 Conway St. $143,500


Joey Kotright, of Shelburne Falls, to Casey Clark. 80 Burrington Road. No consideration


Donald Wysocki & Paula Wysocki Joint Revocable Trust, Donald E. Wysocki, Trustee, of Vero Beach, Fla., to Donald E. Wysocki. 12 Farren Ave. $1

Keith B. Hall and Linda D. Hall, to Brian Hall of Northfield, Keith B Hall and Linda D. Hall. 15 Central St. $1

William Edward Barratt, Sr. Estate, “aka” William E. Barrett Estate, of Greenfield, Kalisa B. Barratt, Personal Representative, to Christopher M. Strakose. 9 Swamp Road. $65,000

Millers Falls Road LLC, of Ambler, Pa., to Franklin County Regional Housing and Redevelopment Assoc. 241 Millers Falls Road. $550,000


Timothy J. Hunting and Norma J. Hunting, to Seth Bartlett and Jami Bartlett. Fay Road. $1


Prunier Investment Trust, Jillian L. Prunier, Trustee, to Jillian L. Prunier. 917 Millers Falls Road. $1


Mark A. Sprague and Carol Sprague, to Jacob R. Paul. 124 Mechanic St. $164,000

Orange Economic Development & Industrial Corp., to George A. Hunt Jr. RW Moore Avenue. $1,000

Phyllis Gertrude Boudreau Estate “aka” Phyllis G. Boudreau Estate, Nancy L. Adams, Personal Representative, to Harris Manufacturing & Supply Co., Inc. 114 Prentiss St. $125,000

Pennymac Holdings, LLC, of Moorpark, Calif., by attorney, Pennymac Loan Services, LLC, Attorney, to PMC REO Financing Trust, of Moorpark, Calif. 185 Packard Road. $1


Kathleen M. Nyman, of Orinda, Ca, Daniel J. Radowicz of Southampton, Robert E. Radowicz, Jr. of Hudson, N.H., Cheryl A. Werner, of Trumbell, Conn., and Carmel M. Radowicz, to Douglas F. Houle. 88 Old Amherst Road, and Old Amherst Road. $162,000


Ruth Fairman “nka” Ruth E. Leahey, to Neil R. Fairman, of Easthampton, Elizabeth A. Elkins, of South Burlington, Vt., and Karen Pettigrew, of Keene, N.H. 18 Long Plain Road and Straits Road. $1

Roberta Garlick, of Springfield, Brian Belder and Ronald J. Belder, of Whately, to Brian Belder and Ronald J. Belder. No road given. (Land also in Conway). $1